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    I don't want to be side-parcial on this subject but I'm listening right now my online station, and right now it's playing some heavy shit... Bloodspree by Soil Of Decay and next will be Spychosomatics by Irish band Morphosis.
    Nice tunes I say!

    Hails to all!
    I'm a Portuguese Sound Engineer who is in the field for about 5 years now, producing Extreme Metal albums and Extreme Metal Live Events, Gigs and Festivals.
    I'm into Metal since my 12th birthday and now 20 years ago into it even more, since Extreme Metal to modern and alternative rock.
    In the past I owned a couple of paper Magazines and Fanzines in my home country. When I got Internet @ my office and home I started to develop the same magazine and fanzine through it. Now all that it's over, and I decided to start a even more serious "hobbie", an online 24/7 live streaming Metal and Rock Radio Station. The station is still in its first steps, without any djs broadcasting, but the playlist which is playing has almost 36.000 songs and I'm adding more song to it each day has pass.
    The Station website is also a Magazine supporting underground metal everyday. All this is growing everyday, and I'm counting with the support of metal and rock fans, bands, labels and so on.
    Besides this, I can still manage to have some time for other things I like, playing soccer with my friends, dating, visiting some night clubs in Lisbon, and in sunny days going to the beach...
    That's it...
    Me Myself & I!
    Cheers all!