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    I think Fused was one of the finer albums of 2005. Thought The Spell was one of my favourites. Loved that opening riff and even the chorus was catchy as hell. I Go Insane is exactly what the song implies. Dopamine, Deep Inside a Shell, What are you Living For and Wasted Again are the other favourites for me.

    Which comes to the Bonus Tracks. Slip Away was pretty good, Let It Down Easy is what I think Iommi is simply doing. Making it sound like a Rock 'n' Roll song IMHO. But it's The Innocence that does it for me. I love to close the album with this song for the fact that Glenn's voice closing the song is just incredible. And I do think that sounds fitting to me.

    Some fine tunes on this album. Dying to Live is really cool. Agreed it has a Breaking the Law kinda vibe and I love the Hammond solo playing during the final chorus too.

    Gotta dig Mollo's Blackmore sounding solo on Nothing Stays the Same. And what an in your face intro too. The title track is very good. I also love how Still Evergreen has that false ending thinking that's it and then comes this mean riff fading out the song. Even the riff during the song was killer.

    The closing track 16 Guns too was very good as the opening riff to She Casts No Shadow.

    Now I really want to track down the bonus track for this same goes for the bonus track from the first VH album. Hope Glenn an' Dario make another Voodoo Hill album in the not too distant future too.

    FUNK totally funks. Love the ballads. Oil and Water is a great tune especially the chorus. Imperfection is lovely. Love Where There's a Will in a big way. Crave is really cool not to mention Satellite. The solo in Love Communion is really nice as well.

    Another fine effort from the Voice of Rock (and Funk).

    The new mix is frakkin' incredible. Always loved Muscle and Blood to a certain degree. And now the song sounds better than ever. H/T really is a crowning achievement in Glenn's career and I still wait with baited breath to see what's in store for H/T 2.

    I recently listened to two demos from the H/T sessions with Searching Love and It's Not Too Late. Any reasons why those songs never made the remaster?

    Well I will say that Glenn's performance last night was nothing short of incredible. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. And while I missed the entirety of his Q&A session I did happen to catch the last couple minutes as he performed This Time Around. I had just arrived in New Plymouth and luckily the woman at the top of the stairs gladly snuck me down to catch him in action for the first time.

    Unfortunately he performed a short set just to make way for Joe Satriani. He played only 5 Deep Purple classics. All in all a stellar performance. So great to catch Glenn in action at long last. Photos to come soon...

    Gettin' Tighter/Dance to the Rock 'n' Roll
    You Keep On Moving


    Even Vernon Reid blew me away last night. Would've been cool to see him and Glenn get together for a jam actually.

    Oh no I'm gonna miss the session then, as I'll be coming into New Plymouth at 2pm :(

    I really want to attend Glenn's Q&A session this weekend but sadly I already purchased my tickets well before the offer was advertised on Ticketek. What day is his Q&A session? If it means having to pay an additional 1 dayer so be it. He's the sole reason why I'm going to G-Taranaki.

    And what to have signed. Well let's see. I'll start with Hughes/Thrall, HTP and more.

    And I'm still waiting for FUNK. It's taken far too long and I wait with baited breath to check out the album. It's long overdue :(

    Jumping on the bus from Auckland tomorrow seeing as I'm currently a disqualified driver. And the irony is I got busted on Desert Road on the way back from Rock2Wgtn :rolleyes: