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    I would like to send my love, strength and blessings to Mel's family and friends. I am very honored that Mel's work is part and parcel of my music collection, and it seems that he earned his angel wings...albeit too early. We salute you, Mel.

    In no particular order:

    Glenn Hughes
    John Paul Jones
    John Entwhistle
    Greg Lake
    John Wetton
    Paul McCartney
    Peter Cetera
    Tom Petersson
    Chris Squire
    Roger Glover
    Jack Bruce
    Geddy Lee
    Geezer Butler
    John Lodge
    Greg Ridley
    Jaco Pastorius
    Rudy Sarzo
    Tony Franklin
    Jack Cassady
    Joey Spampinato
    Bill Wyman
    ...and several others that I KNOW I've forgotten!

    Hi funkmeisters,

    My name is Christine, and I just wanted to announce that I've crashed the party...LOL No, seriously, I'm a relatively new fan of Glenn's (2006 to present) but I've known about him since I was a kid in the 70s, thanks to an older sister with impeccable tastes who worshipped Deep Purple.

    Due to my ardor for Tommy Bolin, I began to research Glenn's catalogue (solo and otherwise) and discovered a diamond. :singer: Now I can easily admit that I'm in love! Glenn's music is powerful, timeless and just plainly FUN to pump into my ears!

    Anyway, I hope to befriend many of you here. I am hoping to attend the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp gig in NYC on August 4th, so if any of you will be there, please let me know!

    Much love,