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    I just found this slightly amusing post on spinner website against an article reagrding the new band (unconfirmed at present)

    I would kindly like to state that, I am a member of a band called BlackCountry. The original BlackCountry. We have been a band since 2007 and would greatly appreciate if this band claiming to be Black Country would change their name. I will be looking into a lawyer to fight this if it proves necessary. We have a site on Facebook, and Myspace that should prove very helpful in proving our name has been BlackCountry for years...and we will continue to represent the name BlackCountry indefinetely.

    I'm sure those lawyers would point out that the space in the wording makes all the difference but I know nothing about law and band names and stuff - anyone else got any ideas what would happen with this? - I personally would laugh this out of court - I mean - heaven forbid they get more attention cos people find them when looking for Glenn's new band? And isn't there some list of registered band names that you can search when looking for a band name so you can check yours is unique? I would have thought these high profile artists producers and their managers would particularly look into this first before coming to the conclusion of their band name. Could be worng though but I doubt it! I'm a woman and not usually wrong about things (hardeeharharhar!!!)

    I think this is stupid, I mean aren't there loads of bands out there with the same names. I'd be surprised if there aren't quite a few bands named Black Country, present or past.

    Keith St John is indeed a good singer, he was supposed to sing on the new Montrose album and the new Burning Rain but neither of those
    happened :(

    That's pretty cool Marco played on those songs, I always felt it was a shame he didn't get to make a studio record with Whitesnake. He was perfect
    for that band.

    From Kevin Shirley's diary:

    Check out Jason Bonham's work with Foreigner and UFO.
    I recently re-viewed UFO's Showtime disc and re-listened to some of foreigners live discs with Bonham, the guy is a mean (background-) vocalist too!. So...together with the Led Zep show, this new band means he's being propelled to a world stage also...I think that would also be the case for Bonamassa and Hughes.

    Jason's older stuff is also worth a listen. If you're into aor/melodic rock, Virginia Wolf is a real gem. The first Bonham album is quite good zep influenced hard rock.

    I was wondering about this song, anyone know if this was intended as a GH solo song? It's the only one on which Matt Filippini isn't credited, Glenn wrote it all by himself. It's definitely got that FUNK sound and wouldn't have sounded out of place at all on that album. Can't help but think it's a FUNK outtake.

    Terrible list, I expected more from Classic Rock :confused:

    Good to see Whitesnake made the list though but I expected a little better. Also, most of the choices are way too obvious, there are a lot of rather obscure artists who've released some fantastic songs during the last few years.

    This is the part that annoys me more than anything. I've collected everything I could get that Glenn's been on from the earliest days of Trapeze including spending a small fortune buying cds that he only sings one or two tracks on as a guest artist. This is because the music is what matters most to me. However, this price for 6 tracks is ridiculous. I know that there is a high quality book with them, but it's not a sufficient inducement to pay that price!

    If only 1 songs is by Glenn who did the other 5? :confused:

    Hmm, let's see... we've got Page recently saying how he was gonna be very busy in 2010 and write new music...Coverdale always said he wanted to do a second album with Jimmy. Perhaps Glenn is also involved? Jason Bonham could be the drummer.

    Mr Big was definitely a supergroup. Sheehan and Gilbert were known for their amazing skill, Eric Martin had a solo career with a few minor hits and Pat Torpey was an active session drummer.

    My favourite supergroup has to be Blue Murder. I'd love to see a reunion.

    I'm surprised about Joe if it turns out that he is the guitarist. Very much a blues rather than a rock guitarist but maybe he can 'rock'. Surprised that this will be the line up that he has dropped his ever improving funk rock solo career particularly with the enthusiasm he was showing for the about to be recorded new songs!

    I do like Joe, and i'm sure that it will be great!

    Paul J

    I wouldn't worry about that. Joe can rock big time when he wants to.

    As much as I love Kollman everyone would go "who?". Slash isn't a possibility since his solo debut is appearing in March and he's focused on that now. Though I wouldn't mind to see them collaborating in the future.

    As for a keyboard player, there aren't too many big name keyboard players in rock. Ken Hensley???