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    ...c'mon everybody,leave this thing alone...MK III was great chapter in Purple history,let the legend live forever...
    Am I right?!
    No one wants this,even me,greatest fan of MKIII ;)
    What if it turns to be bad idea at some point during the tour?!?!
    No one would like this to happen...especially us...big fans of MKIII...
    And Lars playin' Lay down stay down?!?!
    Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahahah :lol: :confused:

    Maybe I'm off the topic,but,you know what I mean...
    (and yes I'm drunk if anybody asks...;)
    Love ya! :claphands

    That's what I'm tryin' to say!!!
    (sorry if I make some mistakes...I'm

    I grew up in middle class family on Balcan(Bosnia)...
    My father played guitar in 60's and 70's in local bands and best story he ever told me is that he went to army in '75 or something...
    He was in Purple-sound so much that when they heard 'You keep on moving' on the radio in army's cantina he said:That's Purple!!!
    And everbody else said:'No fucking way''
    And...he was right...
    First LP I heard was Stormbringer,and Come taste the band...Burn...than In Rock,...Japan...M.Head...etc...

    So thanx dad,Tommy,Blackers,Morse....

    I was in guitar/bass so much last 10 years....but now I'm driving my neighbors mad....
    Drums are the ultimate weapon...Paice...thank you....You are my hero! :lol:

    Very very very stupid list again...and again...

    Envision Radio Networks’ Chop Shop Guitar Show has announced The Chop Shop’s Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time. Yes, yet another top list. You have every right to be sceptical, but this one at least makes an attempt of being quasi-objective.

    Each guitarist was ranked by a five member panel of “industry insider” experts in the following categories: technical ability, soul and emotion, influence on the music and guitar industries, song writing, live experience, sales, signature sound and longevity. There are 3 video clips on Chop Shop’s website trying to explain the rating process.

    Blackmore scored 72.61 points, which gave him a quite respectable place in top 20. Joe Satriani is at #24 with 69.71. Tommy Bolin and Steve Morse didn’t make to top 100. Other distant relatives of the family spotted on the list are Steve Vai (#7), Tony Iommi (#12), Yngwie Malmsteen (#55), Gary Moore (#62), Warren Haynes (#77-78), John Sykes (#89) and Vivian Campbell (#90).

    Here’s the top 20 (you can see top 100 here)

    • Jimmy Page 87.94
    • Jimi Hendrix 84.92
    • Eddie Van Halen 84.81
    • David Gilmour 82.72
    • Keith Richards 82.48
    • Pete Townshend 80.66
    • Steve Vai 79.74
    • Les Paul 78.61
    • Angus Young 78.56
    • Jeff Beck 77.77
    • Stevie Ray Vaughan 75.86
    • Tony Iommi 74.67
    • Eric Clapton 74.62
    • James Hetfield 73.62
    • Ritchie Blackmore 72.61
    • Slash 71.60
    • Frank Zappa 71.57
    • George Harrison 71.49
    • Randy Rhoads 70.89
    • Ted Nugent 70.83

    I'm glad Blackers even made to top 'something',but Tommy?!?!

    And Page is no_1?!
    Whatta !$!%$&%/((?
    When will they stop? :confused: :mad:

    Local media in Norway reports that Whitesnake is announced to play the Rock Fest in Halden on May 22. What’s more interesting, they will be supported by Glenn Hughes and the Come Taste The Band tribute band.
    A couple of weeks ago Glenn offered this caustic comment in his Twitter blog on the possibility of supporting his former bandmates.

    Is this new,or am I late(very late),or desinformed?

    I'm interesed indeed....MARK III somehow isn't so faraway dream now...Or is it? :clapper:

    Album Of The Year, always a hotly contended category, went to
    Whitesnake for Good To Be Bad :claphands:thumbup:

    Full list of winners:

    1.Album Of The Year sponsored by Universal Music Catalogue/Lost Tunes

    Winner:Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad.

    2.Band Of The Year sponsored by Live Nation

    Winner: Foo Fighters

    3.Reissue Of The Year sponsored by Rock Radio

    Winner: Metallica – 1st Three Albums: Vinyl Reissues
    4.DVD Of The Year sponsored by
    Winner: AC/DC – Plug Me In

    5.Event Of The Year sponsored by Music Live

    Winner: Led Zeppelin @ The 02 Arena

    6.Best New Band sponsored by Provogue
    Winner: Airbourne

    7.Classic Songwriter sponsored by Guitar Hero
    Winner: Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)

    8.Showman Award sponsored by Guinness
    Winner: Paul Stanley (Kiss)

    9.The Armand de Brignac VIP Award
    Winner: Harvey Goldsmith

    10.Gibson presents the Tommy Vance Inspiration Award

    Winner: Syd Barrett(R.I.P.) :bow:

    11.Classic Album sponsored by Eagle Rock

    Winner: Cream – Disraeli Gears :claphands

    12.Metal Guru sponsored by Plastichead Distribution

    Winner: Wayne Kramer (MC5)

    13.Classic Rock/Childline Award

    Winner: Bryan Adams

    14.Outstanding Contribution sponsored by Monitor Audio

    Winner: Jeff Beck:claphands

    15.Marshall ‘11’ Award

    Winner: Slash :thumbup:

    16.Living Legend sponsored by Marshall

    Winner: Ozzy Osbourne !!! :lol: :bouncer: :clapper:

    Double O was hilarious!!!

    Watch Ozzy Osbourne accept his Living Legend gong from Slash at last night's Classic Rock awards: