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    What a special night this was. I've always wanted to hear Glenn sing songs from Play Me Out and I got my wish. Will our love end has always been a favorite of mine, and Glenn gave a stunning performance.

    Glenn, thanks so much for such a great show. Thanks for being such a strong influence over the years. And Thanks for signing my beloved Fender Jazz Bass

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    I live about 2 miles from where this event was to take place, it was a dream come true to see Glenn headlining the event and now its been taken away. He would have blown them away.

    All of the locals have never had a problem with the event being held at Pentrich as all the bikers have been a well behaved bunch and have always brough it much needed trade to the area.

    Those of you in the know about the area will know that Matlock is a magnet for bikers anyway on weekends, so why the police have objected to the R&B festival is beyond me !

    Derbyshire Constabulary have a lot to answer for for this :huh: :huh: :( :mad: :mad:

    Very sad news, Mel along with Glenn inspired me to take up playing music over 35 years ago after getting into one of the best bands around "Trapeze"

    You are the Music Mel - were just the fans

    Heartfelt condolences to Mels family at this sad time.

    Mel, I salute you !

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    I've got to get myself one of these Yamaha signature GH basses, they look and sound great. I can't find any info on when and if they are going to be available though. Nice article with Glenn, and a great picture.

    All of F.U.N.K !

    Will our love end
    Coast to Coast
    Switch the Mojo
    I don't want to live that way again (the ultimate get yer arse in gear sort yourself out anthem)

    Space High !

    To be honest I could pick about 30 ! :confused:

    After seeing Glenn the night before at the Robin 2, I must say that Glenn was on fine form again, the band was even better, and the joy on Glenn's face to see the new material so well received was great, you can tell it means so much to him.

    It was good to meet up with Soulmover05 from the forum, pleasure to meet you Ian.
    Next time I go to see Glenn I'm going to take one of my Basses for him to sign. Gotta do it !



    This isn't going to be a big review, why, because for once I'm speachless.
    This was quite simply a breathtaking astonishing performance from Glenn and his band.
    Listen, I'm a 50 year old bloke who had tears streaming down my face from the sheer emotion of listening to Glenn's vocals.
    If this ever came out on DVD it would be the best yet, I promise ya.
    Due to other commitments I was due to miss tonights show at Liverpool, but, sod it, I'm going, I'm not going to miss it for the world.
    All the new material off F.U.N.K. was just incredible and is even better live than on the album.
    Glenn, If you read this you MUST release a live album of this stuff.
    Only minor gripe is I wish there was a bit more merchandise for sale, I got my FUNK Tee, but was hoping maybe Freak Flag would be on offer, I was at that show and can't get a copy no how.
    Any way, I'm off to get ready for the trip to Merseyside, this time though I'll take some tissues for if I start blubbering again !

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    Well, since I've been a Glennie since the begining, I have to say it would'nt bother me at all if I never heard Glenn sing another Purple song again, he has too many good songs from his solo work to play live, the problem is, a lot of people expect the Purple tunes at the shows, and the jurno's won't let him forget his past. To be truthful Glenn himself has no reason to disown what he did with Purple. The review isn't that bad, its just mis informed.

    This is great news, I'm gonna be stocking up on all things Glenneth at the Robin 2 at the weekend. I'd better take a big bag to put all of my stash in !



    I'm having a bit of a Glenn fest at the moment, has he ever played Switch the Mojo live. This tune is one of my all time Glenn faves, and just drives and Funks along. It must sound great live.


    I don't know if its just me, but Glenn just seems very happy at the moment with how things are going in his career. I hope this makes sense.

    This is very hard to explain, but although he is normally very upbeat about a new album release, and quite rightly so, F.U.N.K. just seems so much more special to him.

    I'm absolutely over the moon for him, he's been a major influence for me over the years, and to see him so happy on tour is great.

    I can't wait for Friday night at the Robin 2.



    Welcome abroad Johngh! Have you ever seen Trapeze in the 70-ies? :)

    First of all, many thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. Arjen, I was only about 15 years of age at the time, my friends dad was playing Medusa on his stereo one day, and that was it I was hooked. I got heavily into Trapeze just before Glenn left to join Purple.


    For the best part of it, the music press "don't get it" which is why I stopped buying music mags on a regular basis a few years ago.
    I just got tired of reading album reviews where the numpty writing the review quite clearly had no idea about the artist they were trying to cover.
    F.U.N.K. is one of your best yet :clapper: Cuz the FUNK it don't lie !

    Keep the freak flag flyin'


    Thought it was about time I joined the forum and joined in the vibe with all the other GH people.

    I've been a fan of all things Glenn since the Trapeze days, so that will give you a clue to how old I am, LOL.

    It was Glenn that gave me the inspiration to take up playing bass guitar just over 30 years ago, and, he's never stopped inspiring me, he is "the" man ! :bow:

    I'm off to see Glenn at his UK shows, and I will take along the scratchplate of my Fender Jazz bass to see if he will sign it for me :clapper:

    F.U.N.K. is awesome, I've been singing Love Communion for the best part of 3 weeks now, I can't get the song out of my system.

    Its good to be part of the family, take care now.