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    Thank you for every contributor for the faboluos pix!

    A quick review of the gig...

    The venue was a small club which is on a boat at the Danube river.
    The concert started around 8:30 PM after half an hour of funk related music to get the mind groovin.

    The highlight for me were FUNK (great chorus), Mistreated(simply a beauty), We shall be Free (Smoking, Props to Mr Maldonado) Don't let me Bleed(a story i could relate to) and Burn(I said BUUUUURNNN!). Glenn's soulful little impros and amusing stories were the cherry on the cake.
    The whole set was great and very energetic. I loved every minute of it. The only thing i regret that from my side I couldn't hear any of Mr Olinder's magic. And not much of Maldonado i think.

    If anyone interested I was at the forth row (~5 metres from the stage) wearing a H&H T-shirt, shoulder lenght hair, glasses. Head bouncing to the F U N K :D

    I have a question for someone who was there. Maybe you can answer it. The guy wrapped in Union Jack with a nice hat was Brit or not? :)

    Greetings Glenn!

    Thank for that wonderful show and the generousity to mention my hometown! I was one of the young faces, too. Pure enjoyment linked to my heart.

    Sorry for stealing your statement about that heavenly pedal. I though it just makes a good name.

    Greetings to every Glenn Hughes and Music fan!

    I decided to join this community because of my Love of Glenn and the new exicetement of his shows. I witnessed the recent Budapest gig which just fueled my indication :)

    Other music which I love is British Classic hard rock in the vein of DP/Sabbath.

    Have a nice day!