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    I have to agree Oliver, it really was a great concert and the band played very funky and soulfully. I was afraid, that I could miss Chad Smith, but Matt Goom did a great job :thumbup:

    For me it was as if Glenn knew my musical requests, he played nearly all of my favorites, espacially from the new album.

    It was my first concert-experience with master Glenn, but I'm sure, it wasn't the last one.

    I feel sorry for everyone who misses this tour ;)

    I received the CD on May 9th and I don't listen to anything else since then. A really great album. In my eyes it's the perfect crossover of Funk, Soul and Rock.

    I had the luck to hear/see Glenn performing the material on his F.U.N.K.-Tour last week and the songs are live as great as on CD.

    Hello everybody,

    I'm from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and after I saw Master Glenn the first time live last Thursday in Bochum, I had to join this community.

    I was a big fan of Deep Purple Mk III/IV but afterwards Glenn was out of sight for me. Thank god somebody presented me "Soulmover" for my birthday and since then I'm again a great fan of his work :claphands

    I hope that you excuse my awfull english, but I do my best ;)