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    Written All Over Your Face from SONGS IN THE KEY OF ROCK.

    thats me exactly
    written to me compares to stairway to heaven and all the other greats
    the way JJ comes in on Glenn with his guitar and glenns howl is awesome
    another that comes to mind is Voodoo Hills Golden one (Gabi's song)


    You forgot to mention that you started out owning only 9 of Glenn's CDs, right?
    Otherwise, unless you have special blank CDs, they would have to be the size of a pizza tray.
    Fitting the best of the GH discography on only 8 CDs can't be done

    Ive got a super Glenn Hughes collection and it was very tuff to make it to 7 or 8 discs and if I refined it again it could be 10 hehe

    its just Glenn and thats the way he is
    once I tried to make a BEST OF GLENN just for me
    darn thing ended up 7 discs
    so I tried to refine it
    well then it ended up 8 discs
    Glenns like our moods always different and thats why I love his music
    Im in a bad mood I listen to something like FUNK to sooth me and relax me
    Im in a rowdy mood I do Iommi Hughes
    If iIm in a wild hard rock mood I break out Soul Mover
    and when my grandkids are around they wont let me play anything but songs in the key of rock
    so its alot of how you feel and for this one Glenn felt FUNKy