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    No idea at the moment, but I would imagine it's the Riverside show, the interviews that are up on their site, plus some backstage footage, perhaps.

    Awaiting patiently just like you :)

    According to - the bonus Black Country Communion DVD looks like this :-

    disc 2

    • 1. Interviews [DVD]
    • 2. Photo Gallery [DVD]
    • 3. Producer's Note With Kevin Shirley [DVD]
    • 4. Great Divide, The [video/DVD]
    • 5. Behind The Scenes Studio Footage [DVD]
    • 6. Live In Riverside CA [DVD]


    As far as the band name, I don't like any band name that starts with "Black". I was just discussing this with someone last month. Not only with classic rock, but with all the new indie bands (like Black Mountain), there are just waaaay too many bands with Black in their name now! But, at least this has some meaning to the band (since it refers to the area Glenn and Jason grew up in). I really don't care, though - it sounds like it will be a pretty cool project no matter what they call it!

    Maybe they could call the project 'Bon Bon Hughes'??!

    A truly great loss to both those who knew him on a personal level and those whose lives he touched with his music. I listened to the 'You Are The Music...' album last night in tribute to him, and was reminded yet again how Mel could make every emotion-packed stroke of the guitar strings count : he could say in 5 notes what other guitarists struggle to convey in 50...

    Rest in peace Mel.

    Yep, I'd definitely agree with David that this was in the Top 3 of the Glenn gigs I've seen so far (11 and counting) - it may even be the best, but I'll have to wait and let it settle in before I can make a cool-headed assessment (this could take some time...) :)

    For anyone in any doubt (and I know I'm largely preaching to the converted here, but you never know, there may be the odd lurker reading) - You could not fake this kind of performance - no way could you go-through-the-motions and produce a performance like Glenn and his band did at the Robin 2 on Friday : there was genuine emotion, genuine love in the room and...genuine magic too.:clapper:

    yeah i understand your optamisum but there is nothing like a great band backing glenn, burning live japan was awsome thomas larsson was unbelivable and so was jj but come on where is the fire, doug aldridge has re-lit the whitesnake torch its time to rock, but if he is happy where he is with (same beat) chad smith then fair enough, maybe this will be the last time i will see glenn, ill wait until he rocks again then i will be at the front banging my head to the awsome sound of his bass line and piercing voice lets rock!!

    The phrase 'You can't please all the people all the time" springs to mind here : just as some people lamented the 'missing' funk at the time of 'Addiction' etc, so some will miss the (heavier) rock now...personally, I love it all! :clapper:

    After initailly being a bit 'iffy' about the new Whitesnake album, I find myself liking it more with each listen - plenty of great tracks here. I too read that Doug Aldrich tried to marry the 2 Whitesnake styles (pre and post '1987') and thought 'Yeah, he pretty much achieved that' - but then I listened to the 2 Burning Rain albums that Doug had made previously (both well worth checking out if you can find them btw) and the new Whitesnake also sounds like an extension of, I guess the style of writing came pretty naturally to Doug.

    I agree with Todd here - the new Asia album is great - nicely balanced with credits equally split between the player & no 'resting on their laurels' and repeating the 'hit formula' of the first album.