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    I'd love to get releases of the complete shows from the Stormbringer European shows that were used to put "Made In Europe" and MkIII: The Final Concerts" together, much the way the individual Rainbow '76 German shows were released. Some people prefer the Burn tour performances, but I've always felt that final Mk. III tour had some special stuff, based on what I've heard of it.

    Glenn tweeted that the band is still together, so there's still hope. In a sense, both Bonham and Sherinian are "junior partners" in this band, so perhaps that was at the root of the problems, as least insofar as the managers were concerned.

    Multiple managers have been a problem many times in the past in the rock world.

    Ha ... Profusion, I was right behind you (and the British guy) on line Sunday night, with my girlfriend.

    Cool! The English guy, Jason, is a young singer/songwriter who is over in the USA doing some shows of his own in various cities. He was totally blown away by Glenn's performance. He said he was in NYC for awhile and had been catching a bunch of shows that looked interesting--I think he was only vaguely familiar with Glenn before the show.

    As I told Jason, Glenn looks, sounds and performs like he's 20 years younger than any of the other old Purple guys. He totally fits in with his younger bandmates. He may not be a '20-something', but he performs with the energy of one.

    One of my musical fantasies was having the opportunity to see Mk III live, since I was too young to have witnessed it the first time around (I'm Lars Ulrich's age, but was not an 'early rocker' like him).

    However, I think the chances of this happening are nil, and that's probably for the best. DC's voice is shot, though he could still do a good job on the songs like "You Fool No One" where he sang unison with GH and stayed in his lower register. He's naturally a baritone, which is probably why the upper end of his voice is so shot to hell--he has to strain himself to hit the high notes.

    But the biggest problem would probably be RB's attitude, even if you threw enough money at him to lure him (and his in-laws) into it. There wouldn't be any Cal Jam excitement this time around; there would simply be a bored guy on stage left in flouncy black clothes and a bad hair weave. As any longtime Purple fan knows, Ritchie with a bad attitude is a recipe for disaster.

    Besides, one of the things I most admire about GH these days is that he is still an evolving performer, as he said last night at the Varvatos gig. Why saddle him with a dreary nostalgia gig--he's still rockin' in the present day! DC was doing that too a few years ago with his "Into the Light" album, which was a wonderful reinvention for him. But I guess the lure of the money on the nostalgia circuit was too much to pass up. I can't think of any other good musical reason for DC doing what he's doing now... :(

    Wow, I'm still buzzing from my "Glenn Hughes Fantasy Camp" weekend in NYC!! :)

    Capt. Midnite, I was standing maybe four feet to your right at the Varvatos gig ( I was the completely bald guy with the excessively untrimmed goatee :lol: ). It was simply amazing to be that close to a living legend weaving his magic spell. I've been fortunate that way before with guys like Uli Roth and Frank Marino, but I never thought I'd get to see GH that close-up.

    I can only echo everyone else's comments about these wonderful shows. Glenn has himself a heck of a band, eh? And if you haven't ever attended a GH show, you must do whatever is necessary to do so. The albums are great, but they pale in comparison to how good a singer and performer he is in person.

    He said something during last night's encore about the cops showing up--a Varvatos employee told me afterward that the show went too late and was too loud for somebody, apparently. Now THAT is rock'n'roll, baby! :thumbup:

    That really does suck. Hopefully the venue will be as strict with the opening act as they are being with Glenn. Overall, this sounds like a nicer venue that B.B. King's, so I'm still stoked about it.

    I'm sure Glenn's show will make up in intensity what it will lack in duration.

    I'm also up for a get-together, BTW. I'll be arriving in NYC early on Saturday afternoon and staying at a hotel in the East Village.

    I don't have this yet, but when I got Japanese mini-sleeve remasters of all three Mk III/IV albums a couple of years ago, it was Stormbringer that jumped out at me in terms of sound quality. A really phenomenal-sounding album, I think--the only one of the three that was recorded well, in my opinion. I'm eager to get this new version, especially for Glenn's mixes. Wish I had a surround-sound system to hear the quad mixes....

    Great music never goes out of style, eh?

    As for a Mk III reunion, I suspect getting Ritchie Blackmore out of his ren-faire shtick would be pretty difficult. He's pretty much married into it, now ;)

    Anyway, remember what happened the last time Glenn mused about that? He probably doesn't want to bring up the subject again anytime soon :lol:

    Anybody have this release yet? I've got a Japanese mini-sleeve edition of Stormbringer with great sound, so I'm not necessarily in a hurry to buy the album again for the 5th time or whatever it is now.

    Wish I could go to all the U.S. shows, too. I hadn't booked my accommodations until after the second NYC show was added, but it's simple for me, in any event, since I take the cheapo bus from Washington DC. If I don't get an invitation to the second gig, there's only about a zillion jazz clubs in NYC I'd like to check out, so it's not like the time would be wasted.

    I'm staying at an inexpensive (for NYC) hotel over on E. 17th near Union Square.

    Has anybody heard back about the Mar. 29 show at the former CBGB's? I've sent in my RSVP for it--that's pretty awesome. Of course I'll be at the Highline Ballroom show also :)

    This is the first chance I've had to see Glenn play live, and I'm rather excited about it!