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    I walked out of the theater after the show and looked like Linus when Lucy is yelling at hair blown straight back!:eek:

    hehehehe :) :)

    Hi everyone!
    Just wanted to share with you a few comments about Jeff show in Argentina yesterday.
    Well, they played for an almost full theater (i dont know if this is the word you use for this kind of places).
    JSS surprise me a little playing bass the first songs.
    He plays an almost 2hours show, including most of his previous bands, even a Soul sirkus song. They also full arround a lot, playing intros or parts of some covers (van halen, purple).
    They did a beautiful acoustic set with JSS on the piano.
    Howie Simon was amazing, awsome performance, nice singing two. It looked like he also got a couple of fem fans.
    The crowd loved the show, hope to have them back soon.

    Between them both? mmmhhh....hard choice. Face the truth it's heavier, more guitar oriented obviously, and it's a great cd. But I think I rather like From now on, it's just THE perfect cd, from track 1 to the end...

    I really liked Marc's answer and it's pretty close to what I have on my mind, maybe I'll put You kill me instead of Talkin'to messiah, but thanks a lot. Ben's list it's somehow a little odd, great songs of course.
    And Bill, you're right, but my cd recorder it's in its finall steps, and that one ain't cheap pal(it's not cheap here, in my poor country )

    Well, I sure know there's no way to do it and that's the problem, I have to do it...James'answer it's pretty good though. And as you say he's more in to the hard stuff so maybe that makes it a little easier. Anyway I won't be able to do it succesfully. And it all started because I force my friend to join me at Glenn's guest appearance with Rata Blanca here in Buenos Rata's singer says after the show "how can I pick the mic now?"

    Hi, I'm new the forum and got this question...
    It has just happened that a friend of mine (also a singer as my self)asked me to make him a greates hits cd of Glenn. That's when I realize that it's absolutly impossible to choose 74 or 80 minutes of Glenn's music without leaving excellent stuff out of it. Even more difficult because my friend told me not to leave out Glenn's guest participations. So, the question will be: what would be your choices for this cd if it is a simple cd and it covers Glenn's music from "Blues" till HTP2...By the way, I didn't like much the picks of the Different stages cd...