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    With much respect but I never get that you always come up with those ancient stuff. Once it was with Linda Blair pics and now with Karen. This is 35 years ago, please respect that this is "past" for all involved and respect the privacy and the feelings of the current people involved with Glenn. If there's nothing else to contribute to this site than this, it would be very sad then.
    I'm sure David and many other people will see it the same way.

    Same here. The whole record was a kind of peak for me. Everybody has a different taste but for me nothing came ever close to SITKOR again, whatever came afterwards.
    It is very sad that each and every tune of that era has diappeared from every live set. Me, and I know Im not alone with this, I would rather hear some of these tunes instead of these DP tunes, which I really cant hear anymore.
    Think about it. Same goes for BTM songs, which are some of the greatest that he ever did. "The Way it is" ....the same.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Totally agree. Finally some more people who have the guts to speak it out loud. After all, if you release an autobiography or a book in general, you wanna sell it. At least that is what I thought ....what sales can one imagine with such a price policy?? Sorry, I dont get it. Maybe Im not rich or worshipping my artist enough to even sell my house just to get every snippet of my "beloved artist". Or maybe just not stupid enough ...

    In case some people here dont realise, but we, the fans, also have commitments and plus to that we surely DONT listen to Glenn only that we would spend all our money just for him. We listen to a lot of bands and great musicians out there and even tho we like them a lot, they are not "God" for us or the center of our world.

    Everyone who spends 300 pounds (or more) for a book (no matter in what it is wrapped or handmade or alienmade or whatever ...) seriously has lost touch with this world. At least to me. Im a fan for 30 years now but this is just too much. If we would have spring, I would have said it must be an April's fool joke.

    This list shows again how ridiculous any attempt of that nature necessarily must be. Its basically a popularity mirror, nothing else. Beiside that, there is no gauge or measure to really compare guitarists which makes it even more senseless. Even I wouldnt have seen the list before writing this, I would have been sure that Keith Richards would be top ranked....hahahahahaha.
    Anyway, a good joke and a good laugh before Xmas ....LOL

    These kind of lists should be banned from this planet.....alongside with tons of ignorant and totally senseless "A vs B" guitarist videos in Utube....I hard to bear to read comments there anyway, so I try never to look at them when watching a vid....the official channels comments are not better too, they are the other extreme. Only praising and highly

    If anyone is interested in listening to a real good guitarist who makes excellent compositions, arrangements and catchy instrumental songs, without proving the world that he is the king of noodling, is Steve Stevens. His album "Memory Crash" is extraordinary, as well as his earlier one "Flamenco A Go Go" which just blows you away. Just a personal recommendation.

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas

    I guess they will not. Glenn was never in Rainbow ....

    About the playing of the young Blackmore cannot compare their style and their technical approach but of course one needs this "x vs y" thingy

    Who's the sense in that?
    I think we closed this unnecessary thread already. But you are obviously not interested in Glenn's music anyway, as we can see from your username.
    We enjoy Glenn Hughes and his music, which is what this site is all about. This is not a Linda Blair Fan Club.

    Wouldnt say that, Keith.
    A thing or band can be different but still interesting to people tho.
    I know certain people who would love to have as many fans (and people who buy the album) as Whitesnake or Deep Purple still does.
    I personally dont like the current Whitesnake too! But we have to aknowledge the fanbase which is still there and active and its bigger than others :)