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    Hughes/ Thrall was a masterpiece in '82 . And I' m sure H/T 2 will be also a high quality album and not only a slight return of the first album. So come on , Pat give the fans what they are waiting for so long !!!!!! :confused:

    This CD is one of my faves , especially the title track is one of the best Glenn Hughes songs ever :claphands:claphands:claphands

    I agree to galleyfan , Glenn is on a funky road and HTP 3 will never be happen . I like the two studio albums but I have some problems with the Live in Tokyo CD and that's not because of Glenn !!! The Band played some songs much too fast ( listen to " Can' stop the Flood " ) , the Keyboards sounds sometimes like a 20 $ Casio , and the Guitar player must be an Yngwie-Fanatic . This album played by Glenn ' s regular Band with JJ on Guitar would be much better.But that's the past , now we all are looking forward to hear F.U.N.K . !!!!!! :bouncer::bouncer::thumbup::thumbup:


    There are enough artists who make the same album every year again . Glenn steps forward with every new album and that's good . The new songs from F.U.N.K are fantastic and I love the guitarsound !!!! Looking forward for Mai 9th . Glenn , very well done !!! :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:

    I really hope that maybe in 2009 Hughes/Thrall 2 will be released . Then Hughes/ Thrall are touring worldwide and play both albums live :singer:

    Second Dream :
    Addiction Live , filmed on a good location and released on DVD .
    The Band : Glenn - Vocals and bass , JJ and Marc Bonilla on guitars , maybe Gary Ferguson on drums and Hans Zermuehlen on the keys . Special Guest on Blue Jade and I don't want to live that way again : Steve Lukather .

    I know that this will never happen :confused: but it would be cool .

    Whitesnake - Good to be bad & Live... in the heart of the city
    Niacin - Deep ( the song " things ain't like they used to be "with Glenn on vocals )
    Soulmover , Addiction ,R.O.C.K from Glenn
    Alcatrazz-Disturbing the piece

    Hello and welcome to this side !! I'm also a new member . This is a community of very nice people . I love Italy , it's a wonderful country with wonderful people .I spent my summer holidays every year in Italy . I think Glenn has a lot of fans here in Europe . Greets from Kassel

    Klaus :cool::cool::cool:

    Thank you for making me feel welcome ! And sorry , my English is not perfect . If I have the oportunity to see one of Glenn's german shows I will give you a report & some pics . My actual GH- playlist is " No stranger to love " from the " Live in South America " CD and "Things ain't like they used to be " from the Billy Sheehan/Niacin album " Deep" . I think every Glenn Hughes Fan knows this song , a wonderful Blues Ballad with heartbreaking vocals from Glenn and a great guitar solo from Steve Lukather .:bouncer::bow:

    I'm a new member of this forum and a Glenn Hughes fan for 32 years since I've heard " Come taste the Band " in '76 . There's no other singer with so much passion and deep emotion in his voice . I hope I can see Glenn on one of his rare german gigs this year ! :bow: :bouncer: