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    Yep, ordered mine too. Wonder why its only been sold FROM the States and then in PAL for us UK guys? Can't wait or take the chance it'll be available nearer to home - tho $6.50p&p is bit much, the DVD is quite cheap. Just over £13 all in - I'd pay that any day.

    Wonder if the missing tracks from the first night will appear?

    Happy Christmas to me, again :) :clapper: :bouncer: :thumbup: :lol:

    Soon Chuck.

    They're MIA I'm told and so won't be available - download, Alive Drive or the DVD :(

    I was under the impression when I bought the AD that audio and video from the Bilston shows would be downloadable - but no, we have to pay to 'physically' have them. Still, a great piece of merchandise as I've said before.

    I'll buy the DVD (can't believe Holy Man is missing :() and rip the audio later (for personal use of course).

    Can't wait for more live shows, maybe next year??? :clapper:

    Over 95% of Alive Drive owners are in PAL broadcast regions, (outside the USA), so it doesn't warrant the overhead to produce an NTSC edition. It will be viewable on your computer, as you're allowed to view any format DVD or obviously if you have a multi-format DVD player, it will play on that.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    When, when, when????????????

    The Alive Drive is superb, one of the best souvenirs ever bought at a gig.

    I was hoping the Bilston shows would be downloadable from/to the drive (as hinted) but there are only 2 clips and a host of audio tracks, that you can 'only' listen to. However, I'm excited the shows are coming to DVD!!! It took me a lot of work to convert the included Boston show to DVD (for personal use!).

    Can't wait, but will - maybe a birthday present for December????

    Cheers bud for the news!


    Hi all, hi Glenn

    Can't wait for the gig in Liverpool - its been a while!

    Last time out was Preston Mill when Glenn wasn;t too happy about appointment of Graham Taylor :confused:

    See you there