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    When will the Resonate CD version be available to order in the UK?

    Amazon have downloads but no physical CD available yet.

    Are there any other outlets selling it?


    Glenn mentioned Pete and Karen during the Manchester show. I am sure that they were in the audience.
    I still have all the mags that they sent out too!

    I was hoping that this would happen and am so glad it did.
    Now if Glenn wants to join WS on stage in Manchester later this year that would make my year! That would need Glenn to come to the UK however which I hope he does on his own tour. Surely he wont miss the UK out, will he?!!!

    I just received the latest issue of Classic Rock with the free CD.
    There is a track on it by The Rockit King who I had never heard of, but on first listen I couldn't believe my ears, as it sounded so much like Glenn's voice from the Feel era.
    Check it out. The track is called "Ours to Know"

    A great but short CB set at Manchester Arena last night.
    I have seen Glenn on every UK tour he has done apart from DP.
    I was close to the stage and saw that the whole band were enjoying themselves
    and I was particularly impressed with Andrew who plays with the confidence of a seasoned pro. Joey was excellent and powered through the set with great energy.
    Glenn was also very energetic and gave a great performance receiving a great reaction from the crowd, especially for his vocal gymnastics!
    It was over all too quickly, and the set list is up on FB for those interested.
    I hope CB do produce more music but I will be happy for more GH solo stuff too.

    Lioness, yes I agree that it did not sound like Jon's usual voice at all. Such a sad time.
    Looking forward to the Concerto release but will wait for the expanded CD/DVD release later in the year hopefully which will follow the CD only release.

    Having met Jon for the first time approx 2 years ago after a performance of the Concerto in Liverpool I was impreesed with his humility and the fact that he was not affected in any way. A true gentleman who will be very much missed. A sad day indeed. God bless.

    No, Robert Plant and a 1977 feature on front cover. Joe Bonamassa in the Heavy Load section (inside back cover) talking about why getting together with BCC once a year works :)

    Glenn is featured on the Classic Rock magazine free CD with the Aerosmith track "Kings & Queens".
    When was this recorded?
    Sounds a while ago.

    There was a UK colour magazine issued in the mid 70's called Music Scene (I think?) and they did features on current bands including Purple, Zep, Heep etc but I cannot find any trace of it. It had good colour photos and was a good read.
    Can anyone remember it or something similar? Thanks