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    People have short memories and the budget isn't unlimited :)

    So once it's actually out, I'm sure you'll see a major push, rather than now, which is more about gettin' a buzz goin' :D

    ...which seems to be working :p

    Well, I really hope that is the case, because the samples I have have heard are realllllll good, and I am a music snob. I am very picky, even with Glenn.

    This is the album, of all Glenn albums I have heard so far, that if it gets noticed by people, it will be big. If it has some strong promotion, it will do very well.

    If people hear it, they will like it, buy it, and listen to it.

    I always want Glenn to push his success higher, and I have heard him say the whole "this is GH's best album. if you are starting with one, buy this one." But, for the first time, I really feel that those words are correct.

    My bad David. For some reason, I overlooked the first post. I was under the impression that the USA was missing out on pre ordering.

    I just wish this was better organized. The album is going to be released in a month, and it's a damn shame because people who might want it or be interested, won't know where to get it, unless they are paying close attention online.

    Unless they plan for a bigger push after the album is released and they get a certain response.

    Maybe I am out of the loop, but the album is coming, and I've seen no official release date in the states, or anywhere I can order it.

    What is going on right now?

    Once again, maybe I am misinformed, but with the album a month away, I am concerned.

    This album, from the samples I have heard, is a classic. it is so good, that I have only played the samples a couple of times, but still hear the music in my head. That is when you know the music is awesome.

    I have purposely not listened to them since because I don't want to ruin the album for me.

    But damn, even if I wasn't a GH fan, I would be wanting this album, even without hearing the samples.

    What the hell is going on?

    After listening to the samples a few times, I quickly got excited. I realized that, from what I have heard, that this is going to be a classic.

    When music gives me that special feeling and excitement, and it is playing in my head all day after I hear it, then I know it is special!

    I can't wait to get this album. I am going to wait. I am moving overseas and making some huge life transitions, and that will be in probably early June. So, I hope to hold on for the album till then and use it as the sound track to my summer.

    I can't wait.

    You guys got me wrong. The "abrasiveness" to his voice in Trapeze just kicked ass. I love it.

    But you can see where he really refined his skill when he went to Deep Purple. My god, some of those vocals he did in Burn were just jaw dropping. It had such attitude, sharpness, and skill. WOW. I don't know if I have the words to describe it.

    Then of course Stormbringer, and then Come Taste The Band were full of vocal brilliance, as well as the songwriting.

    I unfortunately wasn't alive at the time, but I wish I was.

    The point I am trying to make, is that I have seen some of Glenn's vocal development.

    The guy has been so varied over the years and he has successfully blended hard edgy vocals with some of the smoothest, slickest tones possible.

    I can't think of many who were able to do that, and I the ones that were able to do that, surely didn't last long. They lost that capability pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Glenn can still do it.

    I mean, we don't know if Glenn can still pull off all of his vocals like he used to. He may or may not be able to do it, but we certainly know he can come close if he wants to, and he can still do it just about better than anyone else can.

    One thing I'll add, is that is is great to be a Glenn Hughes fan because there is that "cheering" him on factor because of what he is capable of doing, how he still does it, and shows no sign of slowing down.

    I love it when I introduce people to Glenn, and if they have any sort of musical intelligence or heart, they are always like "wow".

    Well Glenn, you sounded good at that show, despite the flu, judging by the clip. The new samples of the new album sound great. I am spreading the word, and will continue to do so.

    Trapeze is indeed awesome. Amazing that the stuff was recorded over 30 years ago, but sounds totally fresh. You guys were awesome in that band, and what probably seemed at the time to be some on the spot creativity, turned into music that has lasted the test of time and provided many hours, months, years etc of high impact listening and experience.

    Hopefully you relax and get ready, and go on the road and give your best, which I am sure you will. I hope I get a chance to see you this year.

    I don't know if this has been done or not, but I would love Glenn to write a detailed essay about his vocal development.

    We should put together what we know about his voice into a single thread, unless of course it has already been done. If so, direct me to it!

    As much as Glenn's voice is a gift, there still has to have been personal development.

    But I have so many questions.

    How did he get that vibratto? Was it natural, or did he develop it?

    How can he switch from a hard rock voice to that smooth tone?

    How did he develop that falsetto?

    How does he miminize the breaks between the voices?

    Has he ever had vocal trouble, or has he lost part of his voice?

    I have so many questions.

    Especially with his whole story. I was so inspired by his story and how he turned into what he has turned into. I went through so much physical and mental abuse with the addictions, yet was able to come through and shine.

    Whenever I feel like life has taken it's toll on me, I can look at Glenn, and get inspired. He came through all that troubled times, and he is pushing his career. The man is in his 50's and his energy is amazing. It is inspiring.

    So inspiring.

    Wow. I was extremely disappointed by that interview. Hey Glenn, that is nice and all, and I hope this guy comes through and gets it right the next time, but I found him disrespectful.

    That's ok though. I have seen this guy on TV before, and I have to say, he might be one of the most annoying, unfunny, and unintelligent people I have ever encountered. It's a shock that he is actually a public persona.

    I don't want to be too negative, but this is how I feel.

    That site has been down all day. I couldn't remember my account name here so I made a new one, and posted 10 posts, but still can't access.

    I've now heard the samples from here instead!

    Wow. The title is the right title for sure. All I can say is FUNK.

    Extremely funky. The voice sounds great too. My favorite is Love Communion.

    I can't wait. Hopefully this will be the soundtrack to my summer!

    The great thing is his ability to stay modern and keep pushing the line.

    So many great artists get stuck in a rut, and never progress past their set formula.

    Wow. That's really Glenn Hughes, posting on a message board? That is freakin awesome. I could write so much, and I wish I could write some really profound stuff.

    Don't worry about playing or not playing the classics. I haven't seen you live yet, but even if someone came to the show, and was unfamiliar with the new material, they would still get off on it because of the things you do with your voice, and the songwriting.

    I think America is going to be a bigger market for you the more you tour. I became a Glenn Hughes fan around one year ago, but I feel like I have been a fan forever. I already own a lot of your albums, and I am working my way through them, one at a time.

    The point is, I didn't hear your music until last year, and now, I am a huge fan. If people can hear you and see you, they will become fans also. The key is exposure.

    And the best thing is, once someone becomes a fan, then they are lucky because you are productive and keep putting fresh albums out there. We don't have to wait around for years for a new album.

    Glenn sang pretty abrasively with Trapeze, and then he sung so smooth with Purple. You can tell where he became a better singer as time went on. It is amazing that he was able to go from harsh to smooth. usually once you start singing harsh, you can't go back to smooth.

    What do you all think?

    I can see it happening. Eventually Richie will get bored, and maybe consider doing it. I think David would do it. We know Glenn will. The great thing about it is that we know Glenn can pull it off, and David probably can too.

    There is no reason why voices like these, which are amazingly still intact, should not be doing this material.