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    i've bought Pixies shows online (for shows i didnt attend) ... but i dont think i've been to a show in person where they did this.

    but it's a great idea i wonder how much it costs for the setup? i mean how many cds would they need to sell to make it worthwhile?

    The Fixx did this after some of their shows - in a USB stick. I bought one for the show I was at. I really loved the idea of hearing the show I had just attended.

    the USB stick is a great idea ... it would probably be faster than burning 500 CD's.

    he'll be missed.

    looking forward to hearing this.

    is this the same version on the new cd Mess Of Blues? his death must have been sudden since his website still has a space for tour dates.

    that would be awesome

    but would it be a $200 a ticket deal like most reunion shows?

    Thanks...for reminding me how much I can't stand Mancow!

    you're not alone ... i think he's only on in a handful of cities now, maybe the biggest one is Cincinnatii ...

    whoops, didnt see Glenn's post ... until after mine!

    There's a James Gang reunion happening right now with Joe Walsh, Dale Peters and another member. Saw the show was advertised for a few months from now. A friend of mine knows Dale Peters I should try to get some stories about Tommy.


    how funny, i lived in Whittier once ...

    the one-time home of both Nixon and Bush I , but i'm sure John's an alright guy