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    That's interesting that the tour skipped San Antonio. Perhaps a bit early in airplay for Trapeze. The first time I heard the album I was a freshman in high school (14 years old) so that would have been '72. It was at a party in Live Oak TX. I do remember concert dates for the Moody Blues though later - that was for a bit older crowd.

    A man's 60th is a milestone indeed. Certainly Mel overcame many, many trails and tribulations to make it there. Anyone who has worked on the road will know how tough it can be. But he also certainly has many, many fond memories of the fans, his band mates and all crew members. Best wishes to Mel on his birthday.

    The next time I saw Trapeze was 1975..they had Pete Wright on bass(good bass player) and Rob Kendrick on guitar and vocals..This was not too long after Hot Wire was released(that album contains some of the best funk/rock I've ever heard)..but they payed not one song off Hot Wire(?)Seafull,You Are The Music,Black Cloud etc
    It was a good show anyway

    Wondering if this show was following the one I saw in San Antonio? See my thread titled Favorite Show. Perhaps Trapeze felt that the Texas crowd wasn't ready for Hotwire material. I know I was.

    Although I left Texas in 1982 I would dare say that Trapeze got more airplay in the 70's on the original KISS radio station. Being new here I haven't seen their names mentioned yet but Lou Ronney and Joe Anthony are quite famous for introducing many. many acts to the San Antonio market during that time. It was considered a test bed market due to the diverse population of military, Hispanic and others.

    I saw many really, really good concerts in San Antonio at the Municipal Auditorium. One that tops the list was a three band show consisting of Trapeze, Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat(?). Not sure about Foghat because they seemed to be on just about every other show there in the late 70's. Anyway, Trapeze closed the show and they were playing songs from Hotwire so it was the Galley, Wright, Kendrick and Holland line-up. I remember that as having a profound musical impact on me as I had never heard rock played in that fashion (funk). I also remember BOC having a better crowd response which I attributed to the fact that they were touring in support of On Your Feet Or On Your Knees album which was doing really well. It seems as though the new style of music that Trapeze was playing caught that San Antonio audience a little off-guard and perhaps a bit biased. Would love to hear from anyone that was at that show (and can remember it, always lots of substance abuse at the shows back then).

    I also remember that show as the first time I saw a particular lighting technic used "gobos". That effect was reserved for Trapeze so apparently they had their own lighting designer who actually knew what he was doing.