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    I'm sure the admins are cool for ya to hang around!! :p

    WELCOME to the forums :thumbup:

    Hello all. Just signed up this morning and figured I better get my 1st post up. Been looking for some artwork for some live stuff and google pulled this right up!

    Good ol' Google hey Golagros!!!

    I think I found it the same way!!!

    WELCOME to ya anyway :D

    Hey, just posting to introduce myself!

    I'm from Merseyside in England so watch your wallets. As my name suggests, I'm a Glenn Hughes fan via his Deep Purple days. Good to be here! From a quick browse this looks like a quality forum.

    WELCOME to ya AllINeed!!!!!!!! :thumbup:

    Welcome aboard Chris. Your timing is perfect, as you won't have to wait long to see Glenn and for the new album!

    So the wait has definitely been worth your while :thumbup:

    Yeah how lucky is that hey!! I knew he wanted to come back as he mentioned it at the unplugged show, and have heard whispers since, but to hear him actually say that shows are lined up here - UNREAL!!!!!!!!!

    Is there any idea on a rough time frame at this point do ya know?

    Cheers for the welcome anyway David!! Looks like a great communtiy ya got going here :D

    (Can't wait for the new album - sooooooooo much good stuff coming out this year!!! :bow:)

    Hey all!

    Chris here. 27 from Melbourne, Australia.

    Been a casual fan since hearing the Queen Tribute a handful of years ago, but been a REAL fan since winning a promo "Soul Mover" CD a few weeks before Glenn's unplugged show here. DAMN was I converted that night. Incredible.

    Wanted to stay to meet him and say thanks for the show, but was a little sick from flu and had to get back to my bed at home :(

    But have since been collecting the albums slowly, and LOVING what I hear there. Really stoked to read that Glenn will be coming back to Australia too might I say.

    Am a musician myself. Play a few things to varying degrees. Putting together an album slowly. Am a mail man for a living.

    Anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask, but failing that, will talk to ya all soon :)