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    Hey all,

    I've suggested Glenn on the site - which is basically a service similar to Say Now. The artists / celebs call in each day or whenever and leave voice updates on whatever they're up to, whatever they like really. They get their own number so fans can call in, leave them messages, subscribe etc.

    I know Glenn is already AWESOME and pretty much second to none as far as embracing new technology to keep his fans updated goes, but if it is possibly something he might be into, apparently they're very interested in hearing from people like your good self who might wanna jump on board.

    And if fans wanna vote for Glenn to be a part of it, check out:

    (And click on "G" up the top of the page)

    Well I've caught the first two shows so far, Melbourne was cool but, Adelaide was better in every way - vibe wise, crowd reaction wise, mix wise, view wise. I nearly didn't make it there, so am soooooooo glad it ended up happening.

    Glenn truly loves life, and music, and that's GOTTA rub off on you when you see him play.

    I'm so far not familiar with all of his back catalogue and therefore didn't know every single song played, but the main difference I noticed was "Dopamine" was played in Melb and not Adelaide.

    Got some cool pics from Adelaide, some vids from Melbourne, but dial up might prevent me getting the vids up.

    What a talent though. Still blown away!!!!!!!!

    One thing I liked was between the two shows he was saying how much he missed this part of the world and wants to play here more often now. At Melbourne he said "he's gonna come back", but at Adelaide "I'm gonna come back next year" which obviously was great to hear!! Any time Glenn!! :D

    :lol: I've wanted to do the same sometimes but of course it's not an instant message so he'd no doubt only see this type of message when he next signs in.

    Anyway bruv - love ya :p

    ( ... and you too, EPS :D Where DID you get that name from?)

    Yeah - he probably saw it the next time and ran :lol:

    I guess I blew out seeing his name in the "currently active users" list for the first time - not every day ya see a vocal god in a list like that when you're on a forum!! :bow:

    The name? Haha. Was drinking with the (at the time) drummer in our metal band (back in the mid nineties), and for some reason we were coming up with all these really stoopid purposely comical bandnames and things. I started writing them down, and misheard one that he said as "Eat Pop Slop and the Jimmy the Crickets" (god knows what it really was), and he lost it laughing at me.

    It stuck, and we titled our semi released CD "Eat Pop Slop", and I also have a song of my own called "Tribal Eat Pop Slop" that will be on my album :lol:

    On the very first forum I joined I couldn't think of a decent nickname for a while - until I remembered about this :thumbup:

    This is probably fanboy douchebaggery I'm about to commit, but at the risk of that, I noticed our favourite singer is online at the moment.

    So just wanted to take the chance to say GOOD AFTERNOON to ya Glenn - hope you're having a good one!! :)

    (Everyone else feel free to write Glenn in here)

    Looking forward to your return to Australia mate!

    With ya there Mike!!! :thumbup:

    Am a lil worried based on the NZ date though that I may miss out, as we'll be on holidays for half of July. Fingers crossed we'll be ok!!

    (Any news yet?)

    It takes a few minutes after you hit the magic number to gain access - it's all automated, so Shirean and I don't have to be awake 24x7 :D So you should have access now :cool:

    COOL cheers mate. About to try again.

    Went back an hour or so later last night, but fingers crossed this time!! :thumbup: