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    It's been a while since i posted, so i guess i better write something down to keep my status up :)

    I have also desired more Trapeze relics with Glenn on vocals.
    Off the top of my head i have to say that that band had grit, raw energy, good fat bottom end and finesse just to mention a few things. I mean stuff you could really sink your teeth into, as is the case with Glenn's other stuff too ( didn't want to downplay Glenn's other work -i love it all).
    But Trapeze was really special right?
    I'll tell you about the first time i heard Trapeze.
    I was sitting back, around a campfire with friends after a music festival in 1988. We were up all night partying, it was almost sunrise, and my friend put's in a tape. Everything was good and it was nice. (it usually takes me a few listens to an album to really start enjoying it emensly). Anyway, we're sitting there, then came this scream ! I mean up from the soul, turning and twisting until it came all the way out. Goodness gracious ! I mean i sat up and shouted right on man ! "Who is this?" i asked. My friend the music Guru proudly quipped "G.H. from Trapeze". That memory has never died. I'm not sure what song it was, i think "Your Love Is Allright" about 2/3's of the way thru.

    You know, i wonder how long it would have taken me to discover Trapeze without that friend of mine. He was a big collector & constantly purchased stuff from the Goldmine publication -(the only method for rare stuff other than record shows before the internet daze hit). I mean, i was too young & little to even hear of Trapeze in their heyday, and just barely old enough to catch songs of Purple Mark II on the radio airwaves. Ofcourse, Smoke On The Water, which received lots of airplay on my local radio station, was the first i heard of Purple. I was just a kid, but i knew i liked it. I never ever recalled hearing Trapeze on radio or Mark III, IV. The city i grew up in here in the midwest was pretty conservative as well as the radio stations. I was deprived :(

    Even later on, my high school friends who had all the rare Purple collectables didn't know of Trapeze. It wasn't until way past high school, when my friendships gravitated towards serious music lovers alike, that i was turned on.

    So yes, i wish there was more Trapeze relics with Glenn, but i suppose the lure of an invitation to join a band that already had an established name like Purple, was more than Glenn could resist.
    - if that was even the case, i don't know.
    If anyone knows the story leading up to Glenn joining forces with Purple, lay it on me.

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    Hey you Hughes Heads.

    I've been really busy and just back online from a month ago.

    Sorry that i got frustrated last time with not finding XXL's.

    I don't remember if i tried the contact form or what answer i got, so i emailed again today requesting XXL's and mentioned other buyers on the fan site wanting them, as well as countless others that have not spoken up... I'll post the outcome as soon as i hear.

    I must say, i am pleased to see a US release of the new cd on the horizon. I'm partly ashamed to confess that i don't own it yet, especially here amongst the mighty, but it's been hard for me to find one for a "normal" price. I'm actually surprised i made it thru the summer without it. I really anticipated it's release, and loved the last cd so very, very much, but i did manage to catch up on some other major releases that i fell behind on so that has helped me get thru.

    Now i'm getting excited again about the USA release and tour. You know that the USA tour has already been decided -Anything that 2 or more of you agree on, will be done. I agree that the USA tour will unfurl here, and you have agreed about it as well, written it and spoken it into existance. It's settled then.

    We are establishing it with our expectations. So start laying aside your funky money and vacation time and get ready fast because it's coming. This is all good. Good fun, good recreation, good music, good spirits. Can't wait. I'm ready to rock man. Let's do this. It's time for God to grace the stages of the USA with Glenn.

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    I went to the store but i don't see any of the Hughes t's in XXL :confused:

    Was there some and i wasn't quick enough?
    -or never was any to begin with?
    Can you get more or will there be any XXL's at all ?
    Please help.

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    Oh my goodness, i am so ready to buy 2 or 3 FUNKy shirts and show them off. That shirt rocks and i've loved the white scarf from the first time i seen him wear it. Now i'm wondering if any of those will be offered on the RRFC tour in the US. Particularly, XXL. I'm starting to get panicky. How do we fans in the USA get access to these goodies?

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    Great news ! I visited the site today hoping i would see some news of Glenn in the USA. and wow, with one of my favorites King's X :D I have my eye on the August 6th Cleveland HOB show, but i noticed on the King's X site they have listed Aug 10 – Cincinnati, OH @ Union Center Blvd Bash. This would be in my city and i'm wondering if Glenn will be involved with this show. and it looks like it maybe an outdoor show. Any additional info on this show in particular would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    This is a very interesting thread to me. I noticed an old outdated one from a few years back, and i almost started a new thread myself, but waited too long and purplemusic beat me to it. Lots of great stuff mentioned so far.

    I just recently obtained my copy of Hughes/Downes "Work Tapes".
    (In anticipation of the new release, i've been listening to a lot of Glenn's other cd's lately too.)
    I finally got my copy of Ken Hensley's "Blood On The Highway". (I was way behind on buying that one. I don't have much extra money these past few years.)
    I've been jammin' Robin Trowers lastest releases a bunch. Seven Moons, Another Days Blues, Living Out Of Time- the studio release and the live dvd. (He is my personal favorite.)
    Just bought Dug Pinnick's new one "Strum Sum Up", listened to it 3 times so far, and awaiting the new King's X release.
    Porcupine Tree "We Lost The Skyline" and "Nil Recurring" - Nil is pretty hard stuff.
    Alvin Lee "Saguitar" - recommended for all 10 Years After/Alvin fans. It has 3 great new blues tunes and some jammers as well. By the way, Ten Years After "Now" cd is good also-even without Alvin.
    Paul Rodgers "Live In Glasgow"
    Ian Hunter "Rant"
    Gov't Mule "High & Mighty"- i didn't go for the newer reggae versions release, sorry.
    I have the new UFO "Monkey Puzzle" but enjoyed the previous release better: "You Are Here".
    Kenny Wayhne Shepherd "The Place You're In" (2004 release). - i don't have the new blues cd/dvd release just yet.
    Eagles new 2cd (i have to be in the right mood for this one, it's pretty mellow).
    I'm into some other genres too such as americana/bluegrass/folk styles.
    Railroad Earth live 2cd "Elko"
    Donna The Buffalo live 2cd "The Great American Ballroom" (great down to earth festival band-check them out on myspace, etc)
    Yonder Mountain String Band "Mountain Tracks Vol. 4" - another great festival favorite.
    DJ & TT ( Donna Jean & The Tricksters- Donna sang in the Grateful Dead in the 70's, and the Zen Tricksters are a current Grateful Dead tribute band, now both are together making music, and just released their first cd.) --Yes, i'm an old deadhead, and i miss Jerry :rolleyes:
    I have cd's scattered all over the place and i could go on & on.
    I listened to an old Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies cd the other day, some Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Moody Blues live 2cd "Lovely To See You".
    Ever heard of Jupiter Coyote? They are very smooth, kinda like a "pickin' " Allman Brothers style. The Guitarist put a banjo neck on a guitar body.
    I still don't have the new David Gilmour yet, some things i have to keep putting off.
    I'm looking forward to getting the new Whitesnake, the new Candlebox, the new Heep in June, and the new U2 in October.
    I just found out Paul Rodgers w/Queen release an album Sept 1st.
    I like some country too, but i've already said more than my share.
    Can you tell i'm a huge music lover ??

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    Hey David.
    Oops, i missed it.
    Hope your Birthday was a special one & you're still enjoyin some leftover cake...


    and maybe some leftover beers...

    cake & beer, yum.

    I'm still new, but from what i can see, you are one of the main dudes around here right? or one of the top dogs so the saying goes. Is that a fair statement? just jokin around. Thanks for everything man :bow:

    Rock on.

    Good Catch Phrase !
    Good timing joining up too.
    Have fun.
    tea4one reminds me of Zep's blues tune.
    Is that what inspired it?
    There's a poll question on the site for whoever your favorite guitarist is, in case you want to vote for Jimmy.

    Chip, i love the Trapeze avatar, one of my favorites that i've seen on here.
    I love everyones pics of Glenn on the avatars etc., thanks everyone.
    Wait 'til you see the one i'm workin' on...
    Rock on all...

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    Wow, i wore this album out when it was released. I don't know what happened to my copy. I haven't heard it in years.
    I think i still have the concert shirt. On it is the drawing from the album sleeve, remember that?
    The songs i like the most are "No Stranger To Love" and "Heart's Like A Wheel". They are still vivid in my memory. It was a tough choice but i voted for No Stranger To Love, which has created a tie for first place with Heart Like A Wheel at 15 votes each.
    Now, it's up to the next entry to break the tie, or not.
    The fortune cookie says "You must choose wisely".

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    #1 for me is Mr. Hendrix.
    I grew up on Hendrix and voted for him.
    Trower is my second choice (not on the list).
    My third favorite is a little tougher to decide...i'll say Jimmy Page.
    After that, hmmmmmmmm.
    I love Jake E. Lee's playing in Badlands,
    and Blackmore's a legend as well.
    Lots of great heroes on the list
    and lots of other great mentions too.
    Don't forget about the great George Harrison or Mr. Mick Box.
    - and don't forget Warren Haynes.

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    I voted for Glenn.
    Some of my other favs would be:
    Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, Coverdale,
    and some that were not on the list:
    Paul Rodgers, James Dewar, Ken Hensley, Stevie Nicks, Bono, Justin Hayward, Phil Lynott, Dug Pinnick (King's X), Ann Wilson etc. etc.

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    Just to ease your funky minds a little, FYI, if you don't know already, when you go to the Rockline website, there is a link "Rockline Replay", that allows you to select a recently broadcasted show from the past 2 weeks and listen to it again & again-without commercials. And if i'm not mistaken, you can listen to a show as it is being broadcast as well. I'm pretty sure you need high speed internet or DSL connection, which is what i have. I used to be the dial-up caveman 'til recently.

    I also used to tape stuff off the radio onto my cassette deck too, and still would, but my deck & tapes have been in storage for some time now until i can get more settled. I haven't even looked for blank cassettes for quite some time. I'm not even sure where to buy them now. Probably on-line somewhere at the least. Anyway, maybe we can figure a way to download or record the program. I didn't see a link on the Rockline site for this, so it might be tricky, but i'm confident one of the fans will archive it for us in some way.

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    Old fan here, new to the site.

    -relatively new that is. I joined the site a few months ago, and before that i was a lurker for a bit. Not a bad confession eh?

    I did post under the Detroit show clips first. I had to voice some gratitude to the fans for sharing stuff from the show. I almost made that show, but not quite. Thanks again for all the goodies to gander at. I've got to get to 10 posts you know, so i can see it all. Wouldn't want to miss anything.

    Looking forward to the new album & tour.
    Talk to yas later.

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    Aww shucks. I thought i was getting the inside scoop on privileged information. Well, that's ok, we'll see what pops up. But now i'm back to a concerned state of mind again.

    By the way, i have to correct my last entry. I looked at the cd again, and now realize it was only GH & DC that are credited for writing Keep On Movin-like Grace said. I was wrong to mention Tommy. I was looking at the song above it, that's why i thought Bolin was included. But ofcourse, he did add his finesse.

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    Thank you for the warm welcomes...and thanks for mentioning the upcoming shows & cities. That definately eases my mind. Looks like quite an extensive tour is unfolding & i look forward to the final announcments.

    I didn't know Glenn wrote "You Keep On Movin" when he was 5.

    I'm assuming he wrote the basis for it then, and later on, DC & Bolin contibuted, and they all finished it together. I guess that's why all 3 are credited on "Come Taste The Band" album. I don't know. Anyway, it's always been a favorite for me. I hope to see & hear it performed live this year. I did notice it on the Detroit setlist, so i am very hopeful.

    In regards to Grace's previous question, "You any good at nagging?", i would have to say that generally speaking, the answer would be no. I guess because i get tired of repeating myself. I figure, if someone doesn't listen or respond in the first or second mention of something, it's probably a waste of time to continue. But then, 3 is a charm, so a third try sometimes comes into play. Then again, sometimes i don't try more than once. But almost everything has exceptions. If i want something bad enough, i guess i could nag about it forever and a day, or until i finally get it-whichever comes first. So, i guess a better answer would be "It depends on the subject matter". So, i really i haven't provided any solid answers here have i? I'm not sure i really understood where that question was coming from to begin with. Sorry, i didn't mean to get too deep or philosophical, but i didn't want to appear rude by ignoring the question. So there you have it. Well, looks like i got way of the path on that one :yap:

    On a final note, it's my hope that one or more of the upcoming shows on the U.S. leg will be outdoors. Those are always my favorite. Better sound, better air, and usually more space to groove.

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