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    Thanks to you all!!!


    I really get to hear JJ, and I think he is one of the finer guitar players I have ever heard. He can blaze, but listening to all the albums he has played on, he plays for the songs so well, and that is an incredible talent to have. I have been telling a lot of people about JJ.

    I absolutely agree with you...My family and friends knows about him becouse of me...


    i too am a fan of JLT and i saw his sing one time. Rainbow----Strait between the eyes tour.

    Lucky...I even wasn't born yet.


    I'm a JLT fan too !! I really love his work in Rainbow HTP and Purple.. I saw him twice in concert in 1990 with Purple on Slaves and Masters tour !!

    Wow, how many JLT fans.You people are lucky, you have a chance to see our country is a problem even to buy his CDs.Nobody sells them here...
    But I can buy Glenn's albums!


    You live in a great city. Been to Riga a few years ago for a friend's wedding. It was soooo cold but really enjoyed the stay.

    It is great, but if I have a chance to choose in which country to live...that would be Russia.Becouse almost nobody comes here with live gigs and everybody comes to Russia.


    Great to have you aboard Take a look around and see all the fantastic stuff here to go along with the wonderful community of people.

    Thanks!I will!


    Welcome to the board Lena! I'm a huge fans of JLT too!

    Have you heard his latest solo cd and project Sunstorm?!

    Thanks again!!!
    It's great to find JLT fans around here too!
    Yea, I heard all of his albums.And they all are great, that's for sure!My favourite is "JLT".