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    I am waiting for carl (glenns manager) to call me back as promised to talk about stopping krescendo making any money out of this illegal release, once he has called back we will have a better idea of whether glenn feels that us releasing the cd remastered with the missing three tracks with proper artwork and not the disgraceful artwork krescendo produced is the way to go.

    It is our preferred method as trying to sue someone in japan aint easy.

    it has always been robing intention that this should only be released with glenns permission, now that it is in the public domain we feel it should be done properly for the fans and so that both artists can get royalties.

    for those who like robins music he has just released the new damage control cd RAW on as a download.

    for fans of both robin and glenn it is a good month for proper releases.

    roy cooke
    webmaster for robin george


    Thanks for that i have now emailed Carl who i believe is Glenn's manager about releasing this illegal release as a legal download from robins site with the proper royalties bieng paid to both artists, if this happens we will also be able to release the remaining 3 tracks, i want, loving you and steal my heart.

    The aim of this two fold, one is to achieve proper royalties and the second one is to stop Krenscendo making money illegally off the artists back.

    I will keep the forum updated and will also post news as it becomes available on robins site


    roy cooke


    as previous readers will know i am robins webmaster and friend, i have had a copy of the tracks (all 13) for a long time and glad that they can be appreciated by both robins and glenns fans.

    However it is an ILLEGAL release and i noticed from a copy a friend of mine downloaded from emule (yes i know that is not legal and do not condone it - nor do i condone illegal releases)that the inside cover states "Licenced from Robin" I can quite catagorically state this IS NOT LICENCED BY Robin, far from it, at the moment a lawyer is bieng consulted in regards to attempting to get the right royalties from this shadowy outfit

    that said it is good that the bad bootlegs that have been knocking around for eons can be dispensed with.

    in reply to the question as to whether it has been remixed, no these are the masters from the sessions Glenn did at Robins studio in wolverhampton and not the warner sessions which were done after this (these tracks essentially bieng demos albiet excellent ones).

    if anyone has anymore questions they can mail me @ or post them to the sites guestbook fo robin to answer



    Unfortunately Krescendo have gone ahead and released this in japan and the states illegally ( i think their new logo "were only in it for the money"says it all) against the wishes of both artists neither of whom will make any money if you buy a copy

    The only hope is that it will gernate some media interest for both Glenn and Robin's official new releases

    Krescendo have stopped replying to any correspondence in this matter.

    They have also done the same to Marshall Law so they are genuinely confirmed Buzzards or something simliar




    sweet revenge is not the same as the wtmw bootleg and is 10 of the 13 demos done by robin and glenn at robins studio and not the warners mix of the tracks.

    at present robin is trying to stop its release but is not having much joy as krescendo (formally majestic japan) are releasing it from Japan without licence, meaning that neither artist will receive any royalties unless they sue.

    the quality is fantastic and production is not a snap crackle and pop, glenns vocals and robins playing/production are sublime :claphands

    I understand that fans will want a copy and hope that there is enough pressure put on krescendo to ensure this goes out properly licenced and not as what is effectively a bootleg

    :confused: as i have stated previously Robin and i am sure glenn would like this to be done when they both agree the time is right and when proper royalties are paid and not "lost in japan" not when glenn is due to have a new release as is also the case with robin.


    roy cooke
    webmaster for


    thanks for your message, Robin has no idea why they are doing this and only found out a few weeks ago.

    i have been lucky enough to hear these trax they are pretty awesome, i remember glenn was staying with me around that time and was really enthusiastic about the whole project.

    I have some fond if a bit mad memories of Glenn esecially at a gig in walthamstow with the drummer from iron maiden and a gig at the marquee when he joined a band (whose name i can't remember) to do stevies wonders superstition

    lets hope


    roy :cool:

    as webmaster for
    I would like to set the record straight on this release
    it is not a sanctioned release or promoted by robin on his site

    he is trying to get this release stopped in this format.

    robin does want this released properly BUT only with glenns cooperation

    the tracks these guys are trying to release are some of the sessions glenn did at robins studios in 1990.

    the lp does deserve to be released as it contains some great songs I would add that they are totally different from the robert plant sessions

    I will post onto the news page at the letter to majestic trying to validate this release.

    I hope this clears up Robins position in regards to the release of sweet revenge

    roy cooke