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    Achim…WOW!!! :clapper:I just checked out your Artist page, and you are awesome. I usually go right for the songs with the fewest plays, and was rewarded more than usual. ‘Hide’ is simply beautiful with the vocals and the superb piano playing, and ‘Butterfly’ makes me want to lay down a big old fat groove for the stunning guitar work…amazing!! ‘Face of All Rainbows’ reminds me of The Moody Blues, and has that awesome sounding acoustic guitar again, I love that guitar…what kind is it? Fender, as I saw on your site? And what is the wood composition please? What strings do you use?

    I’m now listening to ‘Inner Light’ as I type this in Word, and it’s great as well…and I think I hear a Vox too? Man, you’re making me want to get behind my Pearl’s and play…great stuff. It must be nice to be so talented; the Lord has truly gifted you. And you did all the instruments, right? I love the end of ‘Inner Light’, with the excellent cymbal work. :claphands

    Take care and keep up the great work!! :cool: Leonard AKA Lenny

    But I've been very busy with the Holidays, work at the police department, my Grandson and family life, taking care of my 74 year old Mother (we recently lost my 76 year old Step-Dad during Thanksgiving, her mate for over 23 years, and she is really grieving and thinking she is in our way now for some odd reason...she should know what a Mamma's boy I am by now). But I hope you understand, and will Add me, as I'm going to check out your Space right after I post this.

    I appreciate all the help I can get in discovering new artists, old and new. People at my church think if you listen to 'worldly/the devil's music', you're going to hell. I just don't see it. If I wasn't heavily influenced by Mr. Holland, Bonzo, Moon 'The Loon', Cobham, Rich, Krupa, Porcaro, Paice, etc., etc., I would have never developed my own unique style, as I glean something from each of these giants and try my best to make it my own. And that is basically judging these fellow human beings in a way, something the Bible tells us NOT to do.

    Thank you again, and I hope you're having a safe and Happy New Year!! :cheers: Leonard AKA Lenny

    I did see it too captmidnite1962, he did look familiar! But while Gary is NOT to comedy as Will is, Will is certainly NOT to music as Gary is, but then I would want to seriously injure Will for having too many gifts/talent!! ;)

    schreinermusic, you are indeed the man!! :cool: I agree with everything you wrote, and I have some new CD's to check out as well now because of your extensive knowledge...thank you!!! :) From Gary's feel and intonations, straight away you know you're dealing with a prodigy...and I'm glad mine and other people's prayers were heard and Gary is doing much better now, as I see he has new tour dates out...if only I lived in Europe :(

    Thanks also for the props regarding my tastes, I love true music in all its forms, from Classical to Rap (but ONLY DC Talk, an awesome Christian band that plays it all - rock, jazz, pop, power ballads, praise, etc. - and the only Rap I can honestly say I like, because they do it so well and only for the King of Kings). I look forward to buying the CD's you referenced and listening to the force of nature that is Gary Moore :clapper: Prank/ Lenny

    BTW, Gallagher is simply incredible on O.G.W.T., and other vids I've had the honor of seeing, the man is certainly underrated and sad :( And as for S.R.V., I will never forget him, nor Tommy Shannon or Chris Layton, the only 2 artists who could truly keep up with another of God's gifts to man, IMHO. Shannon is simply awesome, as is Layton. And yes, I'm a frustrated bassist, because the bass line in Uriah Heep's "Stealin'" makes me want to get up and boogie...stunning!! :bow:

    Let me offer my birthday wishes as well Todd...and I hope you don't mind since I'm a relative newcomer. But you have to admit, that is one special gift the Lord gave your Mom and Dad for Christmas, ehh? ;) I'm glad all went OK with you and your family, and I pray you all have a safe and happy new year as well. Prank/Lenny
    :birthday: :birthday3 :birthday2 :snowman: :biggrinsa :clapper:

    I was checking out some past threads, and I'm glad to see that many of you are Gary Moore fans. He was in a lot of the top 10 lists, and also the amazing Rory Gallagher too ("Hands Off!"). While S.R.V. is one of my all time favorite gunslingers, a great friend and stunning guitarist himself turned me onto Gary about 3 years ago, and I was hooked. The man is a monster.

    As for Ben's review of awhile back, I wasn't there and I don't know who the so called 'side men' were, but I notice when Gary is playing with awesome drummers such as Powell, Paice, etc., he turns it up 2-3 notches. Now I know most of us drummers are a dime a dozen, but in the amazing O.G.W.T. video, Gary broke a string very early on, but didn't let it bother him one bit, as he had an awesome band to play with. That is the key word, play. If you're not comfortable with the other artists, they know it. That was probably why he had an off night, because he had made his so called 'side men' nervous or just plain pissed. But I'd give just about anything to try and drive this force of nature from Ireland!! :cool: Prank/Lenny BTW, any fellow drummers catch those one handed snare rolls toward the end of the song? WOW!!! :bow:

    I didn't really notice another amazing guitarist in that round up, but Lindsey Buckingham really thrills my soul as well. Lindsey is very underrated, IMHO.

    Chad Smith may look like Will Ferrell (or is it the other way around?), and he has the same excellent sence of humor as Ferrell, and I bet that sense of humor and his place in life at the moment has made him one of the best drummers on the planet, IMHO. And working with Mr. Hughes doesn't hurt a bit, because I'm sure Chad is soaking in Glenn's life lessons like a sponge. Prank

    Thanks JohnH, I'm glad to hear my favorite 'Gigolo' has cleaned up his act ;) Hagar is an OK singer, but there is only one David Lee Roth, and when he is truly committed, he can sing his butt off with the best of them (just look at the studio albums). Hagar never had Roth's edge and energy, at least not for me. Prank/Lenny

    Yee Haa, it worked!!! Thank you again David. Now you all can see my Heart Ethan Isaiah, my Grandson, as he is everywhere on MySpace page, along with Trapeze, Glenn, Galley and other awesome artists, as well as family and friends. You folks are so nice...what a breath of fresh air this place is!! Prankmonkey

    Okay, I have a really stupid question for you guys and gals, and if this is not the spot for it, the Admin will help me there I trust. I've been surfing the web for nearly 10 years now, and I can't figure out how to get my MySpace page address to show up at the bottom of my posts like some of you have. I go to My Profile and enter the address (via a copy and paste from MySpace), and then click Update, yet I do not see the link to my MySpace page. Am I not holding my mouth right? :p

    Thanks for any and all help, Prank/Lenny

    I'd love to see/have Glenn and Ian[SIZE=-1] Gillan onstage at the same time, singing in unison to those awesome songs. I know Glenn's voice is still there, thank God, but since I just woke up and have to get ready for Church in just a minute or two, just how is Gillan's voice now? If I missed a recent Gillan video in this thread or others, I'll do a Search when I get home and see what his pipes are like now.

    As for the Zeppelin comparison, there is no comparison. They were/are NOT Led Zeppelin without Bonzo in the drummer's throne. I've seen the poor quality vids and heard a poor audio bootleg as well, and Jason can't hold a candle to his Dad, let alone Paice or Holland. Prank/Lenny

    What is the deal with singers like Roth and Cobain just not giving a crap about the paying public? Van Halen is not Van Halen to me without Roth, but the few live videos I've seen from their heyday with Roth, he was a complete a ss. I truly hope Roth has cleaned up his act. Prank/Lenny

    Oh boy, am I ever embarrassed!! The above post clearly shows Mr. Hughes playing the bad, and sorry Mr. Hughes!!! :o But whatever you were playing, that performance is simply bad a ss!! I love it, downloaded it awhile back and listen and watch it several times per week and am always amazed at how awesome Mr. Smith really is, as well as the other awesome artists you assembled that day. Dave Holland should be very proud, as Chad kept most of his parts faithfully, but also threw in some of his own jaw dropping licks that were simply killer :claphandsall around!! Prank/Leonard or Lenny

    I love all of his work with Trapeze, especially the slower songs, "Coast to Coast", "Will Our Love End", "What is a Woman's Role", etc. But when the song called for a faster tempo, he was equally amazing, especially on "You are the Music, We're Just the Band", "Medusa", "Black Cloud", etc., some of his greatest work IMHO at faster tempos. But I hate to admit it, but there is a Chad Smith video on YouTube with Mr. Hughes playing a very sick version of "Medusa"...the drum work is simply stunning...and the drums being Pearl doesn't hurt at all!! ;) And as usual, Mr. Hughes is awesome as well. This video changed my perception of Chad Smith for good, he is not just a prankster, he is indeed the real deal when it comes to playing and honoring legendary music.

    As for the Judas Priest question, I don't really care for them at all, even with Mr. Holland on their songs. Maybe you guys could point me to some Priest songs I might like? By your replies, I see you know your drummers. :cool: I especially love captmidnite1962's comment about this legend: "Clyde that man is chrome plated FUNKY!!" Classic capt!!! :bow: The great guys and gals over at Evans Drumhead Forum enlightened me to Ian Paice's playing with Deep Purple, because all I ever associated with them was "Smoke on the Water". Little did I know I was missing out on "Fireball", "Burn", "Speed King", "When a Blind Man Cries", and the stunning "Child in Time".

    Great topic toadsterama!! Prank/Leonard

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    He already gave me mine on his Official website!! :cool: People look at me like I'm completely crazy when I tell them playing drums and making music is better than anything I have ever done in my life (except for spending time with my Grandchild Ethan Isaiah, he has truly stolen my heart). Yes, it's even better than sex to me. And Mr. Hughes said it himself during his Christmas message for us fans!! :bow:

    We male musicians are a peculiar lot, but one thing most will tell you is they love sex more than making music...but not me. I'm 43 now, and I've been there and done that, and the only constant companion in my life (other than my family) is music and my Pearl drums. I get completely lost when trying to play along with Mr. Hughes, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Rodney Crowell (his last few CD's are simply incredible, and I got to see him here in Memphis, TN...WOW!!), etc. And my main mentors, Bro. Billy Watkins and his son Bro. Mark Watkins, allowing me to play my drum kit and learn and grow with them for over 29+ years now at our church is a thrill beyond imagining. Playing for the King of King's takes it to a truly higher level indeed, but it is better than anything else in my mundane life - except again, for My Heart Ethan.

    Merry Christmas all, and please be safe out there, because the drunk drivers are everywhere, and one killed my Dad 25 years ago. Prank/Leonard

    From Mr. Hughes' Official website:

    "If you want a comparison, there isn't one, but it's in the "Play Me Out, You Are The Music and Feel" vibe... It will change the way I make music for the rest of my life... There is no doubt in my mind, that this work will enable me to become a better person, God wants us all to have our innermost hearts desires, and this is mine... It will be released worldwide in April... It is the greatest high I've ever had, better than Drugs, Food, Sport, and yes even better than Sex...

    I got somethin' cookin' for ya...

    Glenn Xmas, 2007"

    Ad, you are right, society and the media have made both young girls and boys, but especially young girls, believe that they are just a sexual object to be used and abused by males. I loathe this. I tell my nieces, step-daughter, and other ladies that they are more than a sex object, and that is not how a real man would show his love.

    captmidnite1962, I agree to an extent concerning Mr. Hughes' being questioned. But as a friend and former bandmate, would you not at least take that opportunity to say exactly how you feel? If you think he's guilty, say so and why (maybe some things you may have seen on the road during tours?). If you think he's innocent, say so and why (maybe you did not see any kind of behavior like that on the road). Either way, they had to have spent a lot of time together, as they toured quite a bit, and when you're around someone all the time, you'll quickly know their quirks because they will spill the beans, as it were, by what comes out of their mouth. To really know someone, just talk to them for 10 minutes, and you'll see where their heart is really at (I speak about music, drums and my beautiful first Grandson). Right away you know this guy is a drum nut and would kill for his Grandson. BTW, if you guys really want the poll gone and I can do it, I'll delete it.

    captmidnite1962, MISTREATED, tony g, chutsler, and everyone who has taken valuable time out of your lives during this hectic time of year, thank you for discussing this touchy subject. As a Libra, I tend to see things from both sides, and I love to reason with others and learn, because that is what I want to do every single day...learn something new, whether it be a drum lick, my Grandson Ethan's quickly developing natural drumming abilities as well as him growing like a weed (8 months old now and keeping time with both hands...he'll be better than Granddaddy in no time - I'm very proud!! :)

    Thank you all again, and if you have more comments, I'd love to hear/read them. If the poll is a problem and I can't delete it, I'm sure Admin can. Either way, you guys rock!! Prank AKA Leonard

    I knew this would strike a nerve, but I thought this was an Official Trapeze forum as well. I also respect David & Shirean's response, as well as any and all who have responded, whether pro or con. chutsler is a very nice man, and I appreciate his discourse as well (PM me anytime please!! :cool:).

    Back to Mr. Holland, we will really never know whether he is truly innocent or guilty, but most drummers start playing first and foremost for the girls, not the love of the instrument. I was kind of strange, as I started for the love of the instrument and could have cared less about the way girls would admire my limited ability - I simply wanted to make the other great musicians shine. They found that hard to digest when I'd rather practice than make out.

    As for guilt or innocence, you've probably all heard about the West Memphis Three, which I and the majority of the US public for years wrongfully judged as guilty. Well guess what? New DNA testing is showing I was wrong (and I now know why the Bible says not to judge). Echols was a child suddenly thrust into the national limelight, so of course this affected his actions around cameras. Any of us act differently when a camera is around, unless your a celebrity and used to it.

    Again, thanks for the replies, and if I'm deep-sixed on this thread, I'll understand. But surely it wouldn't hurt to let Mr. Holland know there are still human beings who love, care and pray for him daily would it? :huh:

    Well, got to get ready for another 8 hours at the department right now, so thank you all, Prank

    Hello all. I just joined after browsing and searching a little bit, but when I got to a preset search limit, I went ahead and joined up. Besides being a huge Trapeze fan, one reason was to ask this question and see if it would be alright with the moderators if we could have an adult discourse on this subject? If not, I'll understand this thread's deletion. But aren't we adults here, capable of adult discussion without name calling and flaming?

    I work in the USA for a police department, and I don't know how it works in England, but all one has to do here in the USA is go into a police station or have a policeman come to your home and say so and so did this to me and I wish to prosecute. There does not have to be a shred of truth to the allegations, as all the the officer has to rely on is that citizen’s honesty, integrity and word. Then the officer writes out an incident report and an Affidavit of Complaint, which is the legal document the Courts need to arrest the 'innocent' party as soon as possible. Have you heard the old saying about the USA's justice system, "innocent until proven guilty"? Does the above described procedure sound like "innocent until proven guilty", or "guilty until proven innocent"?

    After 7 years in law enforcement, maybe I'm just burned out. But I truly believe Dave Holland is innocent. If I'm wrong, surely he is getting just and merited punishment. But should he be ostracized and banned from any conversations and threads because of this? Isn't his serving prison time (whether guilty, or even worse as I fear, innocent) punishment enough? We should not be abandoning Mr. Holland when he needs his fans the most and we should not be judging him either, or prolonging his punishment by holding grudges. I try to live like the Bible teaches, forgive others and do unto them as you'd have them do unto you. Would you, if guilty, and especially if innocent, want to be in Mr. Holland's shoes? There is a very thin line between Mr. Holland and any of us living in a free country, as it could just as easily and quickly be us in prison, the object of public scorn and ridicule based on one person's story, which could or could not be true.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent a little on this subject, as my own brother is serving time for a similar crime here in the States - he was man enough to admit what he did, that it was very wrong, and is taking his punishment like a man. But Mr. Holland has always maintained his innocence. I believe Mr. Holland, his integrity and his word. Prank