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    David, is there an update on what happened that Glenn did not make it to Edmonton? I saw his tweet that he was at a Fairmont hotel around July 1 and I thought he might have made it to Canada as that chain is quite popular up here.

    Looks like I am going to have to wait for a rare U.S date now. I told my wife, I have to see Glenn perform live before I die. Not that I plan on dying anytime soon.....;)

    Got my tickets back in April. I live in Calgary, about 180 miles south of Edmonton. Just about fell out of my chair when I saw Glenn was going to be this close. Have been a huge fan since MkIII days. This sounds like and interesting format and venue and I'm sure it will be great. Anyone else from this neck of the woods heading up to the chuck?

    PS - hey where is the Canadian flag icon eh?

    I don't know but Glenn can sing whatever he wants and sound great. Dario's record is pretty heavy, but who would you rather have sing it? Glenn does great on it like everything else. I like the fact that he can pretty much sound great no matter what the style, genre or whatever. His versatility is extremely underrated.