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    It looks like Glenn Hughes is going to do a concert on the Main Square of Trondheim (Norway) May the 23rd. The main attraction this evening is Whitesnake, so I hope for a reunion and the two guys singing Mistreated together.

    It is not official yet, but I trust my sources on this one.

    A norwegian newspaper is writing that Glenn's guitarplayer John Frusciante really played well on this weekend's concert in Namsos, Norway. Can anyone verify this? I believed JJ is playing the guitar on this tour????


    There should be a book about Glenn Hughes and his life. Someone should gather all the facts and exciting stories and honour the voice of rock with his own book! I would love to read this book myself.

    Anyone interested?

    I'm a journalist for 20 years and now editor myself, and I would love to be a part of such a project, but I couldn't do it alone. There are people out there that know much more about Glenn that I do, though I have been the a faithful fan since the first Phenomena album.

    What would Glenn himself think about a biographical book?



    Does anyone know when I will be able to buy the "Live in Oz" cd? Is this a bootleg or is it a Hughes-album?

    I just got to have the live version of "Don't Let Me Bleed", and David told me it was going to be on the Oz-cd...


    I just need that "perfect" live video recording of Don't Let Me Bleed. I just love Glenn's vocal parts in this song. It's stunning!

    Last time I heard it live, some f... drunk people sabotaged Glenn's performance, and I know Glenn never will get on the stage on that place again.

    Anyone who can help me?



    I know the mid 80's were not the glory days for Glenn, but I really love the way he is singing on the Phenomena I songs. It was after that record I really discovered Glenn and his magnificent voice.

    My question: Does anyone of you know about any videos from the first Phenomena record?


    Blood on the highway is a very good album. Ken Hensley is one of my favourites. I am sorry though, that he didn't pick Glenn on more than two songs. Especially the title track is exciting, and Jorn Lande is also a fantastic singer, but he's far away from Glenn's standard.


    Hi, Glenn

    I fully agree with you. JJ seems to ble full of energy right now, and his guitar playing was fantastic at the Hell concert. You should have been the main attraction at the festival. You were my main attraction though.

    I met Anders after the concert at Brekstad in March. He seems kinda quiet at stage, but he is a very nice guy!


    I have never seen Glenn better than this Saturday. He was really amazing. The setlist was: Stormbringer, Might just take your life, You got soul, Mistreated, Getting tighter, You keep on moving, Soul mover and Burn.

    Last time I saw Glenn was on Brekstad in the end of March. Then he was very disappointed with the drunk audience. He was not in a great mood at that concert. At Hell he was taking it all out. I can't fint anything negative from this performance, other than the set was too short. Glenn was not the headline this night, and I guess he had some time limits.

    I am sorry to say (even though I enjoy Jeff Healey as well), that it was a shame that Glenn was not the main attraction Saturday. Glenn was stunning, and after his show Jeff Healey was a bit boring, I must say. I won't compare the two of them, but I feel Glenn is on a complete different quality level.

    I had some friends with me to the Hell concert, and some of them had never seen Glenn live before. They were speechless after the concert, and they did not talk for several minutes. Looked like they were in chock! They were alle stunned about his master's voice and his brilliant bass playing, and I am sure that Glenn got some new big fans.


    Friday night Glenn visited a small place called Brekstad, on the coast of Norway two hours from Trondheim. This is a place where young people fight in gangs and drink alcohol till they're not able to stand on their feet anymore. I guess Glenn and his management was not aware of this. The band should have played in Trondheim, not in one of those small coast towns where every musical event is a local party where people are competing in drinking alcohol.

    I met Glenn (we stayed at the same hotel) just one hour after the concert, and he was not in a good mood because of this audience. He was telling people not to talk when he was playing, and several times he had to give these messages in between his lyric lines. I was embarresed. Glenn and Anders had a beautiful version of This Time Around, and after the song Glenn said "If you ever talk when I'm playing that song again, I must kill you". He said it with some kinda smile though.

    Early in the concert, Glenn kept saying "Can you feel my love?" and he seemed to be very happy on the stage, but as the noice from the audience increased I could feel Glenn's enthusiasm died out. And when he changed his question to "Can you feel my pain?" he had my full sympathy. Poor Glenn!

    Next morning at the hotel breakfast Glenn said "let's get the hell out of this place", and I can really understand his despair. I was talking to him just before he left for the airport, and he promised that next time he would play in Trondheim, on a larger stage and with his loyal fans.

    I know that Glenn is not that keen about playing in Sweden anymore because he has had some very bad experiences with very drunk people there. I believe his own experiences and the hell he went through some years ago, make this even more difficult for him.

    Though Glenn was not feeling that well with the audience he gave me just what I came for. I have seen him twice before (HTP on the Hell Blues Festival and the new band in Oslo last autumn), and he always gives all of himself to the audience.

    The setlist was:

    The Valiant Denial
    Land Of The Living
    You Got Soul
    Don't Let Me Bleed
    This Time Around
    Getting Tighter
    You Keep On Moving

    My girlfriend was coming with me on this concert. She was thrilled about Glenn as well. She was excited about his voice and how well the band was playing. And she does not love this kind of music. But we all know that there is something special with Glenn. You can't compare him with anyone. He is extraordinary in so many ways.

    Though this was a bad experience for Glenn, I must admit that I had the best Friday night ever. When I checked in at the hotel I met Jeff at the hotel desk. I also saw a note laying at the desk saying that Glenn stayed at room 202. Staying at the same hotel as The Voice Of Rock gave me a very special feeling. After the concert I was sitting in the bar at the hotel (drinking sparkling water!!!) with a friend and another couple being Glenn-fans. We were talking about how embarresed we were. Suddenly the band arrived and we thanked Glenn for the concert. We also told Glenn, the band members and the crew how embarresed we were, and we emphasized that we were hard fans coming from Trondheim and that we were not participating in the beerdrinking championship. Glenn did not understand why he was playing in this place and not in Trondheim, and he promised that he never would play on Brekstad again.

    It was like a miracle coming through talking and shaking hands with Glenn. He was tired though and went straight to bed, but ten minutes later Jeff and Anders came down to the bar again. We were only seven people in this quiet hotel bar, and I had a fantastic time talking with Glenn's band members this night. I knew Jeff was from LA, so I asked him if he knew a producer named Roger Burn (Right now Roger is producing the debut album to a friend of mine, and I have contributed with two songs to the album). Jeff said that Roger is one of his best friends. It's a small world!

    Jeff and Anders were not satisfied with the Brekstad audience either. They told us that Glenn refused to play some beautiful parts of Mistreated because of his frustration, and the plan for the gig was to play three more songs. But I guess Glenn had had enough. When the band left the stage after playing You Keep On Movin, I was not certain that they would return for extras, and I believe that there was some discussions backstage. It took quite a while before the band returned, but luckily they did and we got Burn as a bonus we propably did not deserve.

    I really liked Anders. He is originally from Sweden, but moved to England 16 years ago. He told me that he had ancestors from Sweden and Syria. "Just like Tommy Bolin", I said, and Anders was surprised that I knew about it. "I did not know that before Glenn told me", Anders said.

    Anders was unsure if he had played one chord wrong on This Time Around. " Did you hear if I had a wrong chord?", he asked Jeff. "Yes, I did. I was backstage at the time", Jeff replied, "and I heard the chord". "Do you think Glenn was angry about it?", Anders said. "No-no-no, you shouldn't think about that", Jeff said.

    The next morning I had the Glenn Hughes t-shirt on at the breakfast. Five minutes later Glenn arrived the restaurant. He saw the t-shirt, smiled and said "Good morning". It was the best breakfast I have ever had. I am usually not that interested in what people are eating, but Glenn had his toast with marmelade, some yoghurts, corn flakes and hot milk. I was not that healthy in my choices, though. It was only us and the band in the restaurant. Glenn thanked us for coming to the show, and said he was hoping that we would see each other again some other time.

    As he was leaving for the airport, I had some minutes talking to him. I told him how much I love his voice and he thanked me for that. I said that he is the only rock singer at his age that is able to perform like he does, and he told me that he is taking good care of his voice. "I am trying to be in good health, and that is important for both me and my voice", Glenn said. I got my picture with Glenn and butterflies are still flying around inside my stomach after this happening.

    Though this was a bad night for Glenn, I must admit that life has never been better for me. I guess Glenn playing at this small place and staying at this quiet hotel was my chance to get that close to my hero. But I am so sorry for Glenn. He deserves so much better than stupid drunkards in the wilderness!

    Best wishes
    Krister Olsen
    Trondheim, Norway

    Hi :clapper:

    Glenn is playing in Norway these days. I am going to see him in Brekstad Friday night, it's just two hours from Trondheim. Brekstad is a very small place, and Norsk Rock Cafe had to close the doors because of ecomical problems a month ago. Luckily they are opening the place again this Friday.

    Glenn is playing in Bergen tonight and I have translated an interview with him in the newspaper Bergensavisen. It seems like there are hope for a Mark 3 reunion.

    Hope you understand my translation:

    - The Audience will hear a voice they will never forget, Glenn Hughes says in an interview with the Norwegian newspaper Bergensavisen from Bergen.

    Tomorrow (today, Krister) the ex-Deep Purple singer and bass player will hit the Garage scene with his rockband. He was introduced as "The Voice of Rock" in 1991, and he still carries this label.

    - In the 1970's my voice was fed with cocaine and Jack Daniels. I have stopped drinking, and there are no more drugs or smoke. Of course my voice are better when I am not drunk all the time, says Glenn Hughes to the Bergensavisen journalist.

    He has been playing with bands such as Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, and he has a lot of solo albums and other projects behind him.

    - But I refuse to be nostalgic. Today my focus is on funk, rock and soul. Even though I became a classic rock star with Deep Purple in the mid 70's, I am not a hardrocker. Getting away from the drug addiction after 15 years, changed a lot for me, Hughes says.

    He will play songs from his two last albums at the Garage and four songs from the Purple Days.

    - You and David Coverdale shared the vocals in Deep Purple.

    - It had to be like that if I should say yes to be a part of Deep Purple. That were the conditions. I was on my way to break US with Trapeze at the time. But don't forget that I am a bass player too.

    - Is there any chance for a Mark 3 reunion? Blackmore, Lord, Coverdale and yourself?

    [size=10]- David, Jon and I are ready for it. Ritchie is not negative either. If we get the schedules co-ordinated, I believe 2008 will be the year. We had the best singers and the best songs, Hughes claims.

    [size=10]- You have also made your best records in many years with «Music for The Divine»?

    [size=10]- With the world's best drummer in the team, Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers. We are brothers in spirit. He sounds like the son of my good friend, John Bonham, who passed away years ago.

    [size=10]- I am concentrating on the music, not on jeans and image. The music has been therapy for me since I stopped using drugs and alcohol. That's why my live concerts get deeply emotional. Often better than the albums. I promise that the audience will hear a singer that they will never forget, Hughes says.

    [size=10]- This is my first visit to Bergen. Lucky for you! Now I am selling a lot of records, and my career is on the right track. I am spiritual, believe in karma – everyting in life is destined, so my whole career has a meaning.