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    Hello there nice people!

    Here I share some links which are concert's reviews of the last glenn hughes' spanish shows with the matt fillippini band. There are some pics as well. Seeing that it seems that the set-list was based on deep purple songs with some exception. The reviews are in spanish but anyway there is nothing new, an excellent Hughes :bow: nice interpretation :claphands etc etc. However there is some negative points about mr. Fillippini as a guitarrist :confused: The truth is that Blackmore shoes are sooooo big!! :rolleyes:…enn-hughes-escenario.html

    wish you well :p


    I still can't believe this notice!! I read it this morning on deep purple website (

    "The Robin, in Bilston (Wolverhampton) is advertising two Glenn Hughes shows for June 2009. The first is on Saturday June 6th, with Glenn and his band performing music from F.U.N.K, with the promise of "some rarely played songs, including material that Glenn has never played in the UK before." The Sunday June 7th show promises to be very special, with Glenn and his band performing a full set of Trapeze material, preceded in the afternoon by a showing of showing of "rare Glenn Hughes & Trapeze related films" :bouncer:

    This will be a very special moment for trapeze fanatics.:bow: Sound very interesting 'cause he gonna play some rarely songs of his discography.

    If you want more information or/and buy the tickets:


    I don't know if Glenn can read this one, but this is my messege to him:
    Hi Glenn and everyone, I'm another one of these young fans,I'm 23 (yesterday was my birtday) and i have al your solo albums (original ones of course) and i love your solo career, and i'm agree that you incloud more solo songs in your set list, i miss some songs from your others solo albums like 2Songs in the key of Rock" or "Feel" ut anyway it's great to see that you really believe in your own songs, 'cause we're believing in your new songs!! I'm sorry for my bad english, maybe you don't understand me very well, but my messege is clear:

    see you in September in Barcelona ok?


    Ou Yeah!! Great videos, i still don't have the new album, but this two songs 2Never Say Never" and "Oil & Water" sounds really good, it remainds me to hendrix!
    I can't wait for see once again (the forth) Glenn Hughes and his amazing new band in Barcelona. Will be Great, I'm Sure!

    "Can you feel it"

    I say hello to everyone, and if you have time visit my myspace:

    enjoy it!!


    Yes, i know the song "change" from the bonus track of "Songs in the key of Rock" and also appears in the "Soulfully live in the city of angels" cd (not in dvd version). Also i thought with "Change Yourself", a song from "soul Mover" album (a great song).
    Anyway, talking about bonus tracks of glenn's albums, one of my favorites is "Camel Toe Stomp" from soul mover (the special edition). I can't understand! why this song never appears in the original cd??
    i remember too, that a day i read that glenn recorded one version of led zeppelin' song "Misty Mountain Hop" but i don't know where is this song!! maybe anyone have one, just for listen... eje

    cheers, salud!!


    I always believed that Hughes Turner Project is the best project that glenn participeted in the last years. The two albums really rock!! and two voices are incredible togheter. I can't understand why they decided to separated?
    i saw them in 2002 and was fantastic concert, really great. I love the two albums!!


    Great review. I love robin trower's music, and always i though that davey pattison is a great vocalist for his music.
    Robin TRower is one of my pending artist to see.
    I got a dvd recorded in 2005 i think, they played on rockpalast and was a perfect gig, great performance!! he got a orgasmic blues style!!!