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    What a fantastic show at the Vienna Opera House tonight!!! :bow:

    BCC is not just a collective of four (outstanding) musicians - this is a band!!! :clapper:
    And the opera house seemed to be an overwhelming experience.
    It is a very special place, of course, and after the show Glenn said that he was in a very peaceful mood.

    The band put on an unforgettable performance. As much as I am looking forward to watching the official DVD, this show should have been filmed! ;)

    The songs from both albums work perfectly together in the set (remember, this is a band!), The Ballad of John Henry with its extended solo passages blends in very well, and so does Burn as the second encore.

    The highlight for me was definitely Song of Yesterday. Epic! :bow:

    Thanks a million for this wonderful night at the opera :D and many thanks for meeting us at the stage exit for a chat, signing autographs and taking photos! Highly appreciated!

    Oh, and Mike Moore was there too! Hi, Mike! :cool:


    Another JK project and a funny piece of artwork there! :D
    This has a similiar sound as the Crumb Bros. release, although the latter sounded much darker.
    Truly Trudy heavily borrows from Jeff Beck's version of Stratus.
    Excellent chorus too!

    A Message from Foruli (on Monday) ... :cool:

    A very interesting news bit, this is from Rick Wakeman's 'Grumpy Old Ramblings, July 2011':


    At rehearsals for the Sunflower Jam, Jon (Lord) and I decided to write a new piece of music especially for the event and what a buzz that was. We both found it so easy to write together and a real fun piece (entitled “It’s Not As Big As It Was”), turned out great.

    Over a cup of coffee, (years ago it would have been a bottle of brandy or Scotch), we thought it would be a lot of fun to knock up an entire album of joint compositions, so watch this will happen!


    Great pics from the soundcheck - shows exactly how much fun they actually have playing together! And singing, mind you! :singer: Everyone in this band (excluding Mr. Lord, who could be seen singing to the songs without a microphone though :cool:) sings!

    The CD is a very nice souvenir indeed, although as I have mentioned it's only 75% of the set (unfortunately excluding Zoot Money's legendary rendition of Let The Good Times Roll for example) and most of the tracks have been edited (especially the solos!) to fit the music on a single CD.

    Back from Amstetten where the Jon Lord Blues Project put on a fantastic, legendary show tonight! What a line-up, what a concert!!! :clapper: :bow:
    You gotta go see this when you have the chance!

    A new Live CD is now available to purchase at the shows. It comes in a nice DigiPack (I know, Todd) and includes 75% of the regular set.

    Purplemaniacs won't like this comment, but that was the best version of When A Blind Man Cries that I have ever heard.

    As I said, LEGENDARY!!! :claphands


    ... and incidentially I saw Jon Lord (Blues Project) live in concert tonight with Colin Hodgkinson on bass! Fantastic :bow:

    The sky is crying (it's pouring, really), but somewhere up there Mister Galley is smiling.

    It's been a very stormy day, and temperatures have dropped 15° celsius here within an hour this afternoon accompanied by heavy showers and thunderstorms - not the best of conditions one can think of when you're usually under the weather... (and I know what I'm talking about here!)
    Hope Glenn feels better soon! :singer:

    This is in two parts and comes from the summer edition of '' magazine, the quartely publication about concerts, music and lifestyle from a local promoter.

    The first snippet is about 'BCC 2'. The message of this is, that '2' is not just a quickie or leftover collection from BBC, but rather an even stronger and deeper album than its predecessor. You can also win tickets for the show at the Vienna Opera House on July 16 - details on page 82....

    Page 82 (second scan) has a full page interview with Joe Bonamassa - nothing new here for the afficiados, but an excellent showcase for JB, BCC and GH newbies (!) and a nice read anyway, plus said bit where you can win tickets for the July 16 show.

    I'm glad to help with translations of certain parts. I know that only a very little minority here understand German, but I am way too busy at the moment to provide a full translation...

    Anyway - enjoy!


    Here's a pic of Glenn taken earlier this year (during the BBC 2 press tour on April 7th, precisely) in front of the Vienna Opera House.
    The original is about the size of a stamp, and this is the best scan I could get from it, part of an article (interview with Joe Bonamassa) from the summer edition of '' magazine, which I'll post shortly (in German, of course)!

    Looking very much forward to that gig!!!!


    Another shorty from Austria's Kurier sunday (05 June) edition, and once again written by Guido Tartarotti. It's quite favourable, but actually he preffered the songs on the debut.

    Translates roughly...


    Second strike from the band formed around Glenn Hughes (ex- deep Purple) and guitar genius Joe Bonamassa. Hot and rocking, yet the songs on their debut album were catchier.

    One of these moments - right now, actually! :cool:
    Since about 20 minutes ago, an enormous rain- thunder & lightning storm has had the city under its belt. It is pouring. I can barely see the other side of the street as I type this, and lightning is hitting the huge crane next to the opposite building (which is getting a new roof) almost every minute! :eek:
    I'm listening to Save Me on repeat. This is EPIC!!! :bow: