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    Glenn has hinted numerous times in the past to be collaborating with Julian Lennon one time, and now it seems to have become reality :clapper:

    Anything involving Julian Lennon is a must-have for me, and I have never been disappointed.

    Been curious all the way and looking forward to the fruits of the new project before this announcement was made, and now even more.

    The Black Star Riders' album 'All Hell Breaks Loose' (no pun intended, really?! Come on... :rolleyes:) is now out on Nuclear Blast Entertainment and comes either as a standard CD with 11 tracks or a DigiBook Deluxe Edition with 1 Bonus track and a 'Making of' (67 minutes!) all regions Bonus DVD.

    Naturally, the album, like the single has a strong Lizzy vibe to it, especially the title track 'All Hell Breaks Loose', 'Bound for Glory', 'Kingdom of the Lost' and 'Hey Judas'.
    Excellent playing (and singing) from Messrs Gorham, Ricky Warwick and Damon Joshnson (doing his best Brian Robertson) throughout and fab production from the Caveman, although I would have preffered to hear Brian Downey on drums and Marco Mendoza's bass is a little too hidden in the mix sometimes.

    While the band do their best to continue in the Lizzy heritage, this is not Thin Lizzy. It's still the closest Lizzy sounding band you probably get to hear nowadays.

    Currently they play select festivals in Europe with a UK tour coming up next.


    Gin Wigmore
    Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited
    The Moons
    Sound of Contact
    Spock's Beard

    Coming Soon:
    Paul McCartney - June 27 ('Golden Circle' tickets!)
    Richie Kotzen, Acoustic - June 29
    Bryan Ferry - July 1 (at the Vienna Opera House!)
    Mike Stern & Victor Wooten Band - July 2
    Gov't Mule - July 12
    Deep Purple - July 17

    and later in the year:
    Roger Waters, The Wall - August 23
    Brian Auger's Oblivion Express feat. Alex Ligertwood - Sept 29
    Peter Gabriel, 'So' - Oct 3
    Joe B - Oct 4
    Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers - Oct 8
    Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson plays Thick As A Brick (I+II) - Nov 6
    Clem Clempson Band - Nov 19

    and more to be added as the dates come along! :cool:

    Guido Tartarotti of Austria's daily 'Kurier' newspaper who had already reviewed 'BCC' & '2' has now also posted a short review of 'Afterglow'.

    From today's edition, the text translates:


    The third album of this supergroup is probably their least inspiring yet and offers the same formula as the first two: sleek Seventies-Rock.

    Image attached.

    Not too favourable, but at least he has given it 3 out of 5 points.

    I saw the show in Vienna the other day, and it turned out to be a Pruple-related double feature since Nick Simper opened, backed by the local 'Nasty Habits'.

    I got a lot of 'ohs' and 'look at this' from bystanders when I got a Warhorse poster signed during the break! :cool:

    Don Airey & Band were on fire! That was a Classic Rock (no fillers, all killers) set from the beginning all through to the end with high-level musicianship.

    Carl Sentance is one hell of a singer :singer: hitting high notes en masse, always spot on, never flat! :clapper:

    Rob Harris (Jamiroquai et al) on guitar - brilliant. This guy can play anything! Seriously. From Blackmore, to Gary Moore, John Sykes. Anything.

    Add the rhythm section of Alex Meadows (bass - tons of credits too) and Tim Brown. Excellent! :claphands

    Don plays more Hammond these days than he probably ever has.

    His introdution to the Gary Moore medley was absolutely priceless. Went something like "We'll start with a piece from the Colosseum II days called 'The Inquisition' (laughs) ... good luck, guys!" :D

    In the end I also got my 'K2 - Tales of Triumph and Tragedy' CD signed, with Don noticing "ah, an original!".

    A great evening!


    I still have the 1985 show on VHS, recorded from 'Rockpalast' on German TV (WDR). Great show :thumbup:

    The Zermatt clip is hilarious! Having said that, I still recommend everybody should read Tony Ashton's autobiography 'Zermattitis'!!! :D


    :guitarmetL I S T E N I N G right now! :cool: :cool: :cool:

    What a rocker, a little less vintage vibe and a bit darker than the previous outings - still classic BCC!

    Planet Rock have also announced an album special to be run on the station soon and a free download of the song from BCC :thumbup:

    I'm sure David'll post audio from the show asap! :cool:

    Now back to work! :D


    The late, great Kevin Gilbert covers the Zep classic here -
    this version was rejected by Atlantic when Gilbert handed it in for inclusion on 'Enconium - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin' back in 1995, and so it only appeared on the bonus disc for the Limited Edition version of KG's solo album 'Thud'.

    Gilbert - Kashmir - YouTube[/ame]

    A fantastic version of the Beatles classic with great (and virtuoso!) bits added that are not in the original.

    Feat. the great late duo of Mike Patto on vocals and Ollie Halsall on guitar.

    - HEY BULLDOG - YouTube[/ame]

    With a lively debate about "Re-Machined" going on in the 'Album Reviews' forum, I thought that it is about time to to start a thread about cover versions.

    Glenn has been featured on quite a few tribute albums and laid down his own versions of various songs whenever he had the artistic freedom.

    So what is you take on the topic?
    1:1 reproduction of the original or create something new out of a classic tune?

    Additions very welcome! :cool:


    P.S. Here's a good one to start with...

    Black - Sweden-Smoke On The Water / Mamma Mia - YouTube[/ame]

    Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 are on my iPod.

    Here's why:

    01) B O R I N G ! I would never have guessed that this is Santana, if I hadn't read it on the cover. Why put down an uninpired version of the song when you are Carlos Santana, co-inventor of Latin Rock? Remember Senor Coconut's version of the song, Mr. Santana? There you go! :sint1:

    02) I hear a lot of guitar. And more guitar. Where's the rest of the band? As for the version itself, it really is a genuine copy of the original, and it's live. Fit for a tribute album? :huh:

    03) Just like with "Nights in White Satin" or "Misty Mountain Hop", Glenn & Co have created their own arrangement of this classic track. This is what I expect froma contribution on any tribute album. Excellent! :claphands

    04) See above. I really like this version. Stopped listening to BLS after album no.2 a long time ago. If their "Song Remains Not The Same" album is anything like this, I put it on my list! :thumbup:

    05) Great version! Love Steve Steven's guitar work :bow:

    06) Remember what I said about (1)? This, just like Senor Coconut's take on SOTW or the now legendary "The Money or The Gun - Stairways To Heaven", is probably the only way you can approach tracks like these and make your own unique version instead of just another copy.
    I like it! :cool:

    07) Very good arrangement. Jimmy Barnes is crazy! :cool: Wonder why Bonamassa went for the Blackmorish Stratocaster sound instead of sticking to his own trademark Les Paulish sound? If he had stuck to his guns, he would have made the track his own.

    08) Nice version, and I'm sure they had fun doing it, but just like (2) this is just another version of the song.

    09) This starts really really well :thumbup: which I had never expected, but the ending is soooo cliché-y Metallica that I hate it :eek: If you're a fan of the band, you're in seventh heaven.

    10) See (3) above. Again, this is the approach I prefer when you cover a classic song in the studio. Great version. Vai is flying.

    So, I never expected this album to be a 100% hitter, and I am quite content with 60%.
    Could have been more if Santana had done his homework and the makers of the disc had dared to add more surprises instead of 1:1 renditions or even live versions.