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    Hi there, Carl here...Glenn's tour manager and the guy who has put these UK dates together. Firstly, I'd like to thank David and Shirean for getting the info I sent regarding the show times up on the message board so quickly!Secondly, it's great to see that many of you are so excited about the tour, and particularly the fact that we are coming north of the border; We've wanted to play in Scotland again since the Legends tour, but until now it hasn't been logistically possible.
    Also, I noticed a post from someone asking about Exeter and Bristol; We will try to get to these more southerly places eventually during future tours (along with many other new territories both in the UK and abroad), but please remember that what we are doing now is all part of a 'building' process. The 2002 Legends Of Rock tour was done primarily to get Glenn seen and heard again on the bigger UK stages, and also to generate enough interest to enable us to do a decent UK solo tour.The year after,we did the 4'Love and Homecoming'UK solo shows, and I promised Glenn at the time that we'd double it the following here we have just that, 8 UK dates! Due to the tour being so close to Christmas,we've had to keep it down to these 8 shows.It's so hard to co-ordinate everything so that all the dates follow on conveniently,logically and smoothly, particularly when you are working within a tight time framework; we could have added a couple more shows on this tour, BUT either we were already booked or the venue was!Typical! Anyway, believe me, these shows will be INCREDIBLE 'miss-them-at-your-peril' events, so come along and be blown away! I've called this tour 'High Mass at the Funk Emporium' 'cause I get the feeling that these shows will be groovin' nigh-on religious experiences for all told! Hallelujah!