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    you know, michael schenker has always been one of my favorites as well. being from the eternal pit of musical hell, chas,. s,c, we never get a chance to see any really cool music(unless we travel somewhere... like say mount clemons to see my big papa :) ), but one time, michael did actually come to our town and ALMOST played a gig. when he did the side project called, Contaband, they were scheduled to play here, but they had some kind of falling out right before, and the only one who made it here was Michael.there where two other bands playing too, and the radio station had a "meet and greet" type thing set up. As brain cells have died over the years, and this was almost 20 years ago(maybe only 17) i cant remember the other bands. but i went down there w/ all of my UFO AND msg cd covers and everyone who went down there was crowded around the other two bands, and Michael was just hanging out at a table by himself (since,not many people in chas. would know musical greatness if it bit them on the ass) and Michael signed all of my stuff and was very cool about it. As for me, i was armed and ready for the attack of the mad axe man it's just another musical trgity of my life that he didnt play here. but, life does have a way of redeeming itself, as i was front row when Glenn Hughes played at bb kings, and i am readying myself for a flight to detroit. so that's my michael schenker story, ladies and gentlemen. thanks for allowing me to share it w/ you. feel the love...

    thanks for sharing Glenn. certainly i look foward to adding some "f.u.n.k." into my life. i hope you might play us a few selected cuts in mnt. clemons. i look foward to seeing you there and hearing my "big papa" laying down the "funk"
    God bless you Glenn and the rest of you fellow fans from coast to coast

    this may be of no interest to any of you, but i just thought that i'd through out some usless trivia anyway. when i was comming up in high school, my favorite band was always deep purple. we played around on the cb radio and one of my friends called himself the "highway star" and his sister was 'lady double dealer". anyway, when we would want to go and listen to some musi(deep purple always being my favorite) i'd always say "hey dudes, let's go listen to some PURPLE MUSIC. that always stuck with me and i opened a music store here in charleston s.c. on april fool's day in 1994 and I named it (you guessed it) PURPLE MUSIC! i still run the store, we do cary every kind of purple music, and all of the wonderfull spin offs. and i use the name on here too. once again, all that may be of no interest to most of you, i just thought id throw a purple related dtory out there about how deep purple( including) BIG PAPA himself can have so many different influences on our lives. i guees he was moving my soul long before he was officially the "soul mover"
    peace everyone
    look foward to seeing you in Detroit in a few weeks

    we're booked at the quality inn for the detroit show.( aparently the closest hotel to the club) anybody else think you might be there. we should try to get together for the show. we're coming from chas. s.c. where else are people comming from?

    here's a proposed set list that i'd like to here at the detroit show...
    1)i'm the man--from "blues"
    2)maybe your baby------"feel"
    3)lay my body down-----"from now on"
    4) you got soul----"mftd"
    5)i found a woman---"play me out"
    6)switch the mojo---"return of crystal karma"
    7)get you stoned---"songs in key of rock"
    8)let it go---"soul mover"
    9)stoned in the temple---"that's the way it is"
    10)dont let it slip away--"building the machine"
    11) reach for the sky---"run for cover"
    12) heart like a wheel---"7th star"
    13)savior of the real---"fused"
    14)first step of love--"hughes/thrall"
    15)lay down stay down--'burn"
    16)love child--"come taste the band"( yeah, i know he didnt sing it, but he probably should have, as funky as it was:)
    17) you can't do it right--"stormbringer"
    18)your love is alright--'different stages"
    and maybe encores of
    19) to cry you a song--"a collection of tull tales" also on the bootleg of "the eighth star" (cant remember off the top of my head if it was on "the dep sessions "too...
    and although i tried to stay away from some of the most ovious songs,
    20) coast to coast--"hughes/thrall"(and an old trapeze album), because it's one of my favorites, and he didnt play it last june when i went to new york.

    yeah, i know that's a long play list, but what the heck, i said it would be fun and i figured that since i'm traveling 1,350 miles just to see the show, i was allowed to be a bit greedy :)

    hope to see all of you and the show....
    get there safe.

    it's gettin tighter all the time. I just bought my 2 tickets and i'm comming all the way from charleston, s.c. . my friends and family think that i'm crazy, but they just dont understand. i'm bringing my 17 yr. old daughter w/ me. she's getting more in to the groove of big papa though, as i also brought her to the bb king show in n.y. last june. i guess, like glenn, we just keep on movin, far away... i think we,also are going to try to stay at the quality inn. it seems to be the closest to the show. i'm just trying to figure out which air port to fly into. i guees we'll have to rent a car and drive the rest of the way. i am open for sugestions if someone knows a better way, or any other advice. i look foward to seeing some of you again, and maybe this time some different songs( we missed coast to coast.... among many other gems last time) i know papa has his own ideas, but we'd love to see a different set list. peace every body, and God bless

    welcome to the site. always nice to hear from glenn hughes fans especially new ones lots of good stuff try to listen to as much as you can

    i think you would do yourself a favor to listen to "rapture" again . i like it as i've liked all of the steve morse albums. steve morse has now been the longest , consistant guitarist for purple.there are good songs on rapture my favorite is 'clearly quite obsurd, but certainly other good tunes on it also . try it again , maybe on a diferent day , in a different mood it will catch you more

    God bless you Glenn and have a good trip. Its always nice to see people stand by their brothers . having said that let jj know that we all wish him well and welcome him back.

    for the record , i defenantly agree w/ all of that . i also saw lindsey buckingham a couple of months ago at the house of blues. he was great i was really impressed. to show your point on the "glenn hughes of deep purple" remark , i was at the ny show on the 4th and this guy was at my table and when we saw the set list before the show , he said " how can he not be playing 'smoke on the water' ! although i was glad he got to see a great show and educate himself a little it was a shame that a real papa fan was not sitting in his place

    ive been a papa fan for 30 solid yrs. i saw glenn for the first time at the just played ny show. my wish was to have no opener and glenn play more songs . i love all of his solo stuff, but love the purple ones too. i was thinking that it would be cool if he could play something like one song from each of the main records that he's song on. i missed getting nothing from feel from now on hughes /thrall seventh star fused. its all so good the only complaint anyone could have is not seeing papa often enough and not enough songs regardless any dose of glenn is great ,lets face it a set list from glenn that you may not be happy w/ is better than any other set list from anyone else. just for the record i thought the version of this time around was indeed a "soul mover" for me

    hey , just thought id share w/ you , i smile i just had. im in s.carolina, i was sitting at the table next to you , i remember talking to you about your glenn hughes shirt, i have the actual playlist that you took a pic. of and posted here ( along w/ the three pics that glenn gave me. i was looking at your pics and was thinking "wow, these guys must have been sitting w/ me" and then i recognized you as the people at the next table . i was there w/ my 16 yr. old daughter. we have to bring our children up right you know :) enjoyed , enjoying the show w/ yall ,peace

    i have the actual playlist at home (im at work now) i came from s.c. to new york just to see glenn. off the top of my head , valient denial , orion , land of the living , mistreated, , you got soul, this time around,getting tighter, dont let me bleed , steppin on, you keep on movin' , soul mover and burn