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    Happy Birthday ! I hope that it's a great day for you. I'll think of you as I have a drink later this evening :cheers: ( I am so glad that your birthday finally got here. I sure have been looking forward to that drink ;)

    :birthday: :birthday3 :birthday: :birthday2 :birthday:

    I posted in this thread a couple of years ago. My favorite before then, then, and still, is "Heart Like a Wheel". Which, by the way, is still the top vote getter at the beginning of this thread :)
    "You say you don't love me. You say you don't care, but don't leave me standing here".

    welcome on board, Relayer. We're glad to have you here w/ us. we are expecting to have a good bit of Joe's fans joining us here in the near and not so near future. I know that people from here are checking out Joe's site/board. Then , of course, there's the people who like Jason Bonham and are going aroung trying to figure out who Glenn and Joe are.

    Look close (!),

    "Moby Dick" was being played :cool:

    I'd say that is probably as much of a hint as we're gonna get out of David. Jason Bonham on the drums. I can not see any guitar player in the pic. I do see the Led Zep sign on the top of the band ( yes, he did say that Moby Dick was being played) but, it does leave me wondering how far/close that Jimmie Page might be. Anyone else know who was playing guitar with them on stage there that night ?

    I'm not even sure what thread this goes under. so here we are. i just wanted to say that i love youe girls and guys , my Glenn Hughes family. right now, i am hanging out in my new bedroom (since the old one got burned in the house fire ) --i don't remember anyone laughting, but i'm quite sure that she did say "Burn". I'm jamming out to a Glenn video from Sweeden-one of the 1st , i think w/ JJ. I believe that Drew K. gave this DVD to me. Drew K., 4ever young,David, jerome and his wife (the cat ), bill, ect, ect. i thank you all 4 making this whole thing such a "family" experience 4 me. Papa G. is gonna really be happening this year and we are all gonna be blown away. i'm looking forward to seeeing my GH family in 2010. Ken & Cookie, just think what a birthday we might have this year...i'm feeling lucky ! ...and to you Glenn, Papa G. , Big Daddy...I hope that you feel the love , brother. Charleston might not be the center of any map, but you are always welcome here and dear to my/our hearts. remember, like Grace has made so clear, if the "world Tour" thing does'nt happen 4 u in the states, we will meet you at any airport and put you up in any spare room in the US of A. The living room tour is still and always will be a damn viable option ( although we all know the world that is laid out in front of you is much fancier and more spacious than any living room we could offer, however no venue could ever offer more love)
    peace and love 2 u all..and to you Glenn,

    it is a sign, oh Lord. now we shall, like you, hold up our left shoes and haggle for goards ;) What !?! 4 , for the goard ? why, it's worth twice that if it's worth a cent :cool:
    maybe the new band name is Blotter Acid. that sure did used to be a "Mindblower" back in the day :1:

    i was just wondering the same thing. i mean, is Ringo gonna be playing drums. certainly, not even a "supergroup" would use 2 bass players---would they ? now we travel further down the long and winding road that leads to...the names of the other people.

    Sorry to be late jumping on this, but I haven't been here in about a week. so I guess that instead of being the last person to thank David and Shirean in 2009, i'll be the 1st one in 2010. i really do appreciate all that you guys do to keep us all so informed on the Big Daddy. you make it much easier and accessable for me to keep up w/ all things Glenn, which certainly is a passion of mine. peace to you 2 and to all of the regular crazys and the occasional drop buys. it seems like it' gonna be a really good year for Glenn and i'm excited for him.

    Can someone give me a basic run down on the kind of player that I would need to watch this dvd release? Also, where might be the best place to find/purchase such a player? I still have a couple of dvds that Nathilie and Jerome gave me and have never been able to watch them.
    thanks and peace,

    I'm glad to finally be able to score a copy of the "incense and peaches". That one has been hard for me to track down :thumbup: I look forward to getting more stuff as it may become available.

    I read on a blog today that Kiss are charging £950 just for people to come to a meet-and-greet! Kinda puts things in perspective doncha think?

    I don't have any plans to meet-and-greet Kiss either. One thing seems clear w/ our current economy, people who really have a lot of money do not seem to understand how the majority-or at least very many- people have had to change their whole lifestlye right now and charging that much for a book or a meet-and-greet is just not "fan friendly". I'm not trying to judge what someone else does, but I do have a right to judge how I feel and think about it. I think that Glenn knows very well that the people who follow him on here have a great amount of love and respect for him and his music. I also think that we would be doing him a disservice to just play the role of a "yes-man" and say that everything is always fluffy and bubbly w/ pretty bows wrapped around it.

    Just as a matter of feedback, I am also financially unable to spend that kind of money on a book- no matter how much I would like/love to have one. I'm curious if anyone on here thinks they are going to buy one. Obviously, that would only be if you were comfortable enough w/ saying so. Admittingly, I don't know how these things work. Maybe these companies do this kind of 1st release so all of the rich, celebrity-type people can all buy one to show support for their fellow rich, celebrity-type friends. I can't help but wonder how many of those will be thrown on a shelf somewhere and never even read while Glenn's hard-core fans just keep wondering what he said . Please understand that I say this with all due respect, but is this not in a way a thump of the nose (I wasn't pickin' it..) to the common, hard- core fans who have always been there, but are more concerned right now with keeping our jobs and paying our electricity bills than trying to figure out how to squeeze an extra few hundred dollars for a book into our budgets. It would be a treat to be able to spend somewhere in between 20 and up to 50 dollars even to be able to read about Glenn's amazing story that many of us are so interested in. But unfortunantly for me and I believe many of us here, a book at that price is nothing more that a tease.

    I was pleasently surprised to see Glenn tweet about rocking again/still. "Addiction" is still (one of) my favorite record. I loved the more rockin' stuff w/ Iommi, Voodoo Hill, ect. as well. I'm especially happy that he decided to make a rock album instead of the polka one that Grace has been campaining for :). With Jeff Beck looking a bit less likely, we may be back at the drawing board for guessing. Maybe we'll get lucky and Gary Moore might decide that he likes to play rock-n-roll again . Isn't there an old story of Glenn and Gary almost playing together until Phil intervened ? The songs they did together on "run for cover" are very solid and still hold up to some of G.'s finest songs, in my humble opinion :cool: