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    Ha ... Profusion, I was right behind you (and the British guy) on line Sunday night, with my girlfriend.

    Looking at some of the photos after the fact, I was also sitting (again with my gf) at the almost empty bar right next to a group other GHPG er's at the Chelsea Brewing Company on Saturday night.

    I kind of thought that some of the group were from here at that time, but my Social Anxiety Disorder got the best of me, so I just sipped my pint.

    Both NY shows rocked, as I knew they would.

    Free on street parking both nights with no additional "situations" arising. Free PBR the 2nd night. Hell, a Free show the 2nd night.

    Too many show highlights to list, but Gettin' Tighter ruled on Sunday. All of the new tunes played really well in a live setting.

    Thanks, Big Daddy! Kudos again :claphands

    Also, a big "thank you" to David. Without your post on these boards about the Sunday night gig, I wouldn't have known such a treat existed. Much good karma to you and yours!

    Every Saturday night at 11:00, the venue turns into an "upscale" 80's type club running what is entitled "The Rewind Show" (which is clearly noted on the Highline Ballroom Website calendar).

    This "Rewind Show" is successful and even has it's own website in addition to it's mention on the Highline site.

    So, it's not a late change of plans. Maybe the venue neglected to mention this originally to Mr. Hughes' team, maybe it was mentioned and the decision was made to switch from the smaller BB Kings location anyway.

    It is disappointing, but I guess a little bit of Mr. Hughes is better than no Mr. Hughes at all.

    I understand.



    Yeah, on my email request, I mentioned "myself and a guest, if possible."

    I received 2 confirmation emails in response, 8 hours apart .. but they only have my name from the original request. I wasn't sure if the 2 responses were for each of us or just a "glitch."

    To be certain that my guest gets in, I had her send her own email request, specifying her own name. She's yet to receive a response (though, to be fair, her email was sent days after mine).

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what do you kind folks plan on doing with these "confirmation" emails ... print them out with the simple "you are confirmed" response? Print out the accompanying photo (which is identical to the one in the original invite)?

    Or do you think I/you/we just drop our name at the door (which may be why we needed to supply our full names in the request)?

    Unless I'm missing something, I don't see any confirmation # or anything on my reply.

    The area surrounding BB Kings was always good for street parking (high traffic, plenty of spaces), which saved parking lot money.

    I think this new destination heightens the probability that fans driving in will have to shell out for the lots/garages, an unfortunate change of plans (I guess I could always grab some McD's or Burger King on the way and stash a bottle for the walk in instead of pregaming in the City, as was originally planned, to make up the difference).

    I fell asleep on this announcement. Will have to pick up a couple of tix this week.

    I liked the venue last time. Not a fan of the seating, however (IMO, standing for a show is more conducive to a good time. At least seating that faces the stage is preferred, not the tables strewn about, where some have to crook their necks to the side. I stood at the bar last time and enjoyed the vantage point)

    It's a little bit of a hike (W. 33rd St), but Stout isn't a bad pregame place for a bite/drinks. Big place, multiple floors, no cover.

    Not sure what the rules on links are here, but if you search "Stout nyc", it's the first hit.

    Today (and for the forseeable future), I'm guessing it'll be "Oil and Water" for me.

    Two months down the road, my choice will probably drift back towards something off Soul Mover, as that's generally my favorite album.

    After about 7 or 8 full listens, along with a few more "pick n' choose" listens, I'm really digging Oil and Water (my so far fave of the bunch), Too Late to Save the World, Crave, F.U.N.K and Love Communion.

    Never Say Never and We Go To War will probably not be far behind on my "must listen" list, while the remaining 4 tracks will likely need some time for me to come around on, if at all.

    All in all, another solid output by Mr. Hughes. A few staples for the live show, a few more listenable tunes and a couple of "skips", IMO of course.

    Thanks for the clip.

    I saw JLT this past Friday (9/14) in NJ.

    Not a bad show. Intimate venue (a neighborhood bar, actually). Big time disappointed that he didn't do King of Dreams, however.

    Come to think of it, I don't recall him doing anything off Slaves & Masters. The only Purple I think he did were Burn and Highway Star.

    The new stuff, from Second Hand Life was good, though. Especially Blood Red Sky (good tune ... cool guitar riffs).

    The highlight of the night was probably Spotlight Kid.

    Please forgive me if I'm discussing something that's not welcome here (one never knows what board is sensitive to what material, so feel free to ignore this if it's "taboo"), but is anyone into the current Purple lineup here?

    I'm slated to see them 3x this summer. Dug the current release, though alas, it appears the current US setlist will be comprised of a "greatest hits" type selection, with only 2 tunes from the new album.

    I used to be a huge Rush fan back in the moving pictures days. I haven't listened to them in a long time. I might have to check this out

    Snakes and Arrows is definitely a "grower", one that was good at first, but now after repeated listens, gets better each time.

    They're also playing 9 of the album's 13 tracks during their recent tour and they sound even better live.

    Good stuff, indeed.

    Anyone into Rush here?

    What do you think of their new album, Snakes & Arrows?

    I'm seeing them this Sunday. Fun fun.