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    I've listened to this about 7 full times now, in different environments (the first two being on a 2 1/2, post Sandy gas line here in Jersey ... but I digress).

    At this point, with regards to the other BCC albums, I'd put it above "2," but behind "1."

    I already find myself skipping the first three tunes (especially Midnight Sun, which I can't get the kids' tune from the movie School Of Rock out of my head whilst listening to it), but the album really picks up from track #'s 4 through 11.

    My favorite is Cry Freedom, though to be fair, my BCC faves have usually been those with Joe. B having a large input in the vocal department. Other faves at the moment are Dandelion, The Circle and the title track.

    Definitely a "grower," as all three albums seemed to be. Wish we could hear 'em live, but alas, it likely won't come to fruition.

    If I had to rank it with regards to 2012 releases that I've perused, I'd put it at # 3, after Rush's Clockwork Angels and Van Halen's A Different Kind Of Truth, and right above ZZ Top's latest.

    Really solid album by a really solid (now defunct?) band.

    Kudos BCC!

    Don't know about the whole "points for free downloading" thing and couldn't really be bothered to look into it, but personally speaking, I'll use the "." often on forums if I enter a thread to "say" something, but see that an earlier post says it better than I could've.

    I figure:

    a) why bother wasting all other posters' time by typing the same thing in my own long winded words?

    b) it's sort of a "props to a fine post," rather than the "thanks" thingy this forum has (I guess technically, in this case, I should just use the "thanks" feature, but I generally don't even notice it and I'm so used to the "." usage on other forums, that it's just second nature to me)

    My Amazon order turned up yesterday (Tuesday) so hope yours has arrived now too, Wolfy :thumbup:

    Amazon let me down. Still not shipped as of Thursday (6/16). So much for their pre-order system.

    I had to run out to get it at Best Buy (good deal at $9.99) today to give me a maximum number of listens for Saturday's show.

    After 3 whole listens and cherry picking the live set list (what can I say? I'm weak. I peeked) tunes, I'm diggin' the new release a lot ... at first listen(s), probably more than than the original.

    For those who haven't been to the Starland, they have a fairly decent sized lot. There isn't a bar/restaurant real close but the lot is very condusive to tailgating. So do let me know if you are coming and we will meet up pre-show for a few beers. We are probably going to get up there pretty early as it's a Saturday.

    We'll figure it all out as it gets closer.

    Is it June yet!?!? ;)

    There is a dive bar about a half mile down the block from Starland (called The Brass monkey, located in a small strip mall at the corner of Jernee Mill Rd. and Bordertown Ave). Never had a bite there, but usually pregame for a beer or two if I'm really early to the shows.

    After about 5 listens, I'm really digging the album (of course, some of this could be "New Album Syndrome").

    My favorite tunes at this time are:

    Black Country (great opener. I love the bass groove throughout)

    Sista Jane (straight ahead hard rock, in the vein of an 80's AC/DC tune. Not too in depth, but real catchy and fun to these ears)

    No Time (another bass heavy tune, sounds a lot like a Hughes' solo outtake. Good stuff)

    One Last Soul (perhaps just because I've heard it more than the rest of the album, so it's ingrained in me. My girlfriend, who's a big fan of Hughes' funkier works took to this one right away. Very catchy)

    A notch lower, but still pretty good are The Great Divide, Beggerman and Medusa (though I can definitely see this one being a "grower").

    Song of Yesterday (where Bonamassa and Shirley help with the vox) is a potential grower as well.

    Not a big fan of The Revolution in Me (Bonamassa on vox), but at about the 2:50 mark, it picks up, sounding almost Rush like (which is a good thing) to me.

    Down Again is pretty weak, IMO ... though there is a touch of a Hammond sound that I like.

    Too Late For the Sun has promise, but it plods on for what seems like forever (think Genesis' Abacab) at a certain point.

    Overall, I'd give the album a 7 out of 10 right now.