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    Hello people,

    as a part of organisators of happening in Dimitrovgrad (brand manager&poster/tickets design) wont to thanks for all fans that come in our small town and was a part of greate music spectacle!

    The name of our first fest - Peace Fest is a part of human story, a part of fight for peace. We wont to made a traditional fest on may, 9th, Day of Europe , Day of victom against fashism.

    Glenn is miracle! Actualy he is realy VOICE OF THE ROCK. I so him for the firs time in my born town and the fill was been unexplaining. The name of our music hall, Glenn Hughes Music Hall, must be a new bran for our city. As a citizen of Dimitrovgrad, I am proud of this concert and we waithing for another one big music spectacle, this time in GH Music Hall!

    If I have a green light from administrators&moderators of this forum I will upload some pics from PEACE FEST!

    Thanks Glenn!!!