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    Luckily I didn't have Burn on CD yet to worry about if the sound really justified buying it again. The remixes at the end aren't necessary and were probably just put there to fill up the CD since the previous remasters were loaded with extras. The (slightly) extended Coronarias Redig is good to finally have on CD and the booklet is lots of fun. The funnies part is when Coverdale speaks disapprovingly of glam rock. Someone should have read that back to him in the late 80s when he was dying and teasing his hair.

    Glenn Hughes has been my vote for best vocalist for decades. I really angered at least one Deep Purple fan in the Amazon discussions by saying he's better than Ian Gillan. I love Ian Gillan, but he's no Glenn Hughes. He was close when he was younger but by the late 80s he had far less of his younger range. The recently released live Queen stuff has me thinking Freddie Mercury may at least share the title with Glenn. Rob Halford and Graham Bonnet used to be incredible singers too. Unfortunately for the ones lucky enough to still be alive they're voices don't hold up as well after so many decades of pushing themselves to be as great as they were.

    I was just wondering if "Misty Mountain Hop" is available anywhere other than the Australian version of Music For The Divine. I very happily imported the European version a year ago and the high price of the Australian import is rather much to get one more song. Can it be found elsewhere?

    And Glenn, we thank you for those incredible shows you put on. I was there on Saturday and a friend was lucky enough to find herself in NY for your Monday show. It was quite a special time for your fans as well. We all hope that these two fabulous shows leads to you performing more often around here.


    Certainly Glenn Hughes should be the biggest musical sensation in the world. But for now Deep Purple remains a much bigger name and it's simply standard to include the big name association whenever one exists. Look at the poster for that New York City Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp. Paul Stanley, Scott Ian, Alan White and Leslie West get the same treatment.

    When King Crimson played LA in March 2003 they played absolutely nothing from before 1994, so it can be done. At least he does play some new songs (ELP in LA in '98 played nothing less than 20 years old; that was very disappointing). But for someone who is still so productive much more of his set should go to what he has done this century. Songs from Voodoo Hill, HTP, and Iommi-Hughes as well as five rockin' funky studio albums in the last seven years can take up 3 hours without anything from the 20th century. That would be quite a statement of how vital and fresh he is.

    One can't say enough how they did so many things so incredibly well on E-III. Little things that can make a big difference. Like how can any song follow up on Growing Wise? Yet they pull it off with Grace and its smooth change of pace. And the final track, Cold North, is just incredible. I feel each of their albums were better than the one before it, and on their website the band seemed very excited about The Hangar Sessions, the proposed follow-up to E-III. I've spoken to Stacey, and she really loves The Hangar Sessions, and on his MySpace site Brett says it's his favorite Ellis album. I wonder what we have to do and who we have to go to to get that album out. It sounds like the world is missing out on something very special with that album sitting around unreleased.

    Earlier this year, the fabulous live CD Freak Flag Flyin' was available on iTunes and I was ready to download it. The next day it was gone, though plenty of other Glenn Hughes CDs are available there. The CD has long been out of print and I've seen it sell on eBay for well over $200. Unless Glenn is getting a significant cut of those sales I don't see how FFF being unavailable benefits him or us. My brother suggested I should sell CDR copies since no one can really get it otherwise. If it was some other artist I would consider it, but I'm a huge GH fan and have no interest on infringing on his ownership of his music. So I am left wondering WHY it remains unavailable when that day it was on iTunes shows it doesn't have to be. I'm glad I noticed it that one day since I would say it's better than his other live CDs. It's something every GH fan should have.

    Aside from just Feel it would be great if he played more of his solo stuff. He has such a large collection of his own music to choose from that a lot would be left out. In that regard I was a little disappointed in the large number of Deep Purple songs in his LA gig last night. I'm a huge Deep Purple fan, that's how I first came across Glenn's amazing voice, but I would vote for him must keeping "Gettin' Tighter" for its extended funky jam and then doing stuff from the rest of his immense career. Like has he played anything from the Voodoo Hill albums? Or anything from Fused? He could easily do a long setlist with no more than one song from any album. In the end I guess we must leave it up to Big Poppa to decide what he'll play.

    Sadly, Iommi/Hughes was the tour that never happened. While wondering what songs might be played back then I was thinking that "Let It Go" from Soul Mover would have fit right in with Iommi's playing. It would have been good to include a brand new Glenn Hughes song, since he did put an album out that year. Unfortunately, this is all academic.

    Just found out about the Jukebox here today. I found that by googling "Misty Mountain Hop". Sadly it isn't on there now. That's a great place to hear a wide variety of his music. If his duet with Stacey Ellis hasn't shown up there I'd love to find out how to uploead it here for everyone to hear what an incredible song it is.