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    Originally posted by chris spencer:
    Keith, gary ferguson has played on laodsa stuff with Glennover the years. I think they met on Gary Moore's Run For Cover album. Ferg has played on several G albums too !!!

    He also appears as one of three drummers on Hughes/Thrall. So it's most likely they had become acquainted to each other even before the Run For Cover album, since that album was released some three years after H/T

    From the DPAS:

    It looks as if the three Mk 3 1975 concerts (Graz, Saarbrucken, Paris) edited originally for Made In Europe in 1976, then recompiled for the Connoisseur 'Mk 3 Final Concerts' double CD in 1996, will appear as a special three double CD boxed set either later this year or early next. DPAS members were canvassed for their opinions in 2001/2 and the overwhelming majority wanted - everything.

    The set will appear on the Vap / Purple label in Japan and Purple Records in Europe. More details when we have them.

    The DPAS reports:

    This live recording from Kilburn on the 1974 UK tour, originally issued on LP in 1982, will be remastered for CD. There is a lot of work to be done to restore edits made by the BBC, who recorded and broadcast the show originally. The 30 minute Space Trucking will be included, making this (an admittedly shortish) double CD. This title will appear on EMI in Europe.
    EMI are now beginning work on this title, expect it by the summer.

    The LP was reissued on CD in Japan some years ago but without any extra material or remastering work. More in DTB 55.

    Yay! Another fab Mk3 show complete and remastered!

    Ok... here's some more details from the DPAS on the release.....

    Purple Records have announced another Sonic Zoom title featuring Mk 3, this time the band's complete California Jam set from April 6th 1974. Tracks on this single CD are Burn / Might Just Take Your Life / Lay Down, Stay Down / Mistreated / Smoke On The Water / You Fool No One / Space Truckin' .

    This new version is taken direct from the audio track of the recently discovered 2" video masters and those who have heard the results say it is a massive improvement on the existing CD, although because the audio was premixed the guitar is a little low at the start of the set. It also includes the missing track Lay Down, Stay Down. The audio source is the same as a VAP / Purple Records version coming out in Japan. More details can be found at and in DTB Issue 55. Release date is likely to be March / April 2003. It can be pre-ordered at the dpas online store. Discounts for dpas members apply.

    They also provided further information on a possible worldwide official DVD release of this show.....

    Q: When you mention the recently discovered 2" California Jam video masters I get the impression that you have found Lay Down Stay Down on video too!! Is that correct? The next question is obvious, will there be a DVD release of the complete gig? I remember seeing a clip from Space Truckin where they used different angles than those on the video. It would be great to have a multi-angle release where you can see Ritchie's fingers and not the angle from behind in his solos. Anders Korling #0052

    A: A proper DVD release is in the pipeline - including Lay Down Stay Down - but this is set to be a complicated undertaking if all the planned extras are to be implemented. (There are more details in Darker Than Blue 55). In the meantime, the only official DVD version is the one issued in Japan. Buy this as a stop gap by all means but it adds nothing to the VHS edition. Avoid the Brazilian DVD release as this is unlicensed and unofficial.
    Originally posted by David:
    It's great news that this is in progress...but I don't know..does it seem odd and even wierd to you that Roger Glover will "oversee" the _Burn_ remaster?!?! Of course, he'll do a good job...but wouldn't it make sense to have some who was actually there the first time around? After all, they would know what needs "tweaking" and what doesn't!

    It's not a big deal, but just feels odd! Just my 2 cents

    Yeah well... EMI obviously approached Roger and he asked Jon and Paicey about it because he probably thought it was odd too and not his own work either.

    I also read a Glenn interview where he stated that he'd love to oversee the remastering of the Mk3/Mk4 albums himself in case Roger would refuse to do so.....

    The DPAS reports:

    It was always likely that the critical and commercial success of the EMI remastered Deep Purple albums would continue with the three remaining studio albums. EMI asked Roger Glover to oversee work on the Burn reissue. After talking with Ian Paice and Jon Lord it has now emerged that they are happy for him to do so.

    The other news is that Simon has tracked down all the masters for "Burn", including the b-side, and these will be checked later this year. Tapes for the other albums are still missing however. With everything else that's going on the earliest we would expect "Burn" would be 2003. Don't pre-order!

    Sounds pretty cool to me!

    The official Glenn Hughes website says that there's a remix of "Freedom" on the CD as track 13.

    Now all the versions I've seen here in Germany don't seem to have it?

    Is it just a Japanese bonus track or what's it all about?


    This is what the DPAS wrote today.....

    Glenn has mentioned the long awaited Hughes Thrall II project in an interview on "I said "I'm getting shit from telling people we're gonna release this, and they keep saying 'You said that last year.'" Pat has not finished it yet. He has not mixed or finished the guitars due to the fact that he's very busy."

    One idea is to initially sell the project on-line, as a five or six track EP. Glenn has since expressed a hope that the project will be ready to release some time this year.

    Now I read that interview some weeks ago, yet there's usually some truth behind it when the DPAS reports it.....

    Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I hope it'll come out this year... together with "Songs In The Key Of Rock" and "HTP2".

    "California Jam
    This will have a different cover to the 1996 version on EMI. It will also feature a new mix and an extra track. This will be made available in Europe around the same time."

    Yay! So us Europeans don't have to go for the bloody expensive Japanese import!

    These 24bit/96kHz remasters sound so awesome!

    I'm so glad I got myself the double CD... even though I had to get is as an import.

    Plus... don't ask me why... but I've always prefered the U. S. mix of "Slide It In" to the European release anyway. John Sykes and Neil Murray just beefed the record so much up that it sounded a lot better to me.