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    Yeah music man have to agree was a truly awesome show with Glenn putting on a sensational virtuoso vocal performance. I didnt realise how heavy sounding one man and an acoustic guitar could sound! :singer:

    were they the same 2 who were at Nottingham i wonder? A couple of fairly young guys? They were very annoying to the point that i was ready to, and should have told them to shut up.

    I actually quite like this!

    The singer luckily doesnt attempt to try and replicate Glenn's vocals!

    Frank, JJ did a good Blackmore style, and the guy in Demons Eye mimics Richie reasonably as well

    really looking forward to the blu ray. Will be interesting to see hoe they cut and paste different shows together. Not always a fan of that, always like to see one complete show, warts and all!

    EPIC Album!

    Great individual performances by the guys, but gel brilliantly as a band.

    The songs have become BCC songs [well slightly Joe B and Glenn solo songs!] rather than tribute songs to other acts which the first albums songs clearly were. With a hint of Led Zep of course!

    The usual contenders for best tracks, Save Me, Cold,The Battle for Hadrians Wall, Faithless [that Southern Rock style guitar riff combined with Glenns bass groove is fantastic]. I also really like Little Secret and Crossfire, Crossfire reminds me of Glenn on The Way It Is.

    I think Glenn sings fantastic on this album, as one of the published reviewers said, on the first album he belted it out to make the statement that he was singing ROCK. On 2 he sings to suit the songs. More confident and not needing to force the issue. Great stuff on the last three tracks. Of course his bass playing is fantastic too.

    The other guys are sensational too, but i doff my hat to Jason in particular. Great, Great drumming!

    A definite improvement from the first album. Thank you guys for a great, great album.

    :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    Thanks Shirean :claphands

    I remember buying the Guilty of Love single, think i had the picture disc as well at one stage. Always thought it was quite Thin Lizzy like.

    Slide It In, particularly the US remix is one, if not the best Whitesnake album. How could it not be with two of the 'Snakes greatest songs, Slow n Easy and Love Aint No Stranger. Lyrically DC gets slaughtered but Gambler is an interesting song lyrically and Guilty of Love is clever also. Add to that the great performances!

    Used to have one of the Whitesnake commando t shirts that Micky Moody et all were wearing in the video!

    yes indeed was a great show :clapper:

    Loved Muscle and Blood, Addiction particularly. In fact, all songs were very good.

    Glenn was extremely relaxed and seems to be very content currently.

    Had a brief chat with Soren afterwards, seems a very nice guy and obviously enjoys playing with Glenn.