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    Hi David

    Glenn was looking well, sounding in top form.
    The presenters were mm, quite poor and not very well informed. Apart from the hash they made about the Marshall amp/speaker subject, questioned him about what DP were up to now, they developed a fixation for Glenn's Sunglasses, and also spoke about his little finger injury.
    Glenn was most gracious and took it all in his stride.

    Really looking forward to the new album :)

    "Its been great" may just be Jason alluding to completing the latest album, rather than talking about the end of the band. Although i do think this will be the end for BCC.

    Maybe we are going to finally see Derek's Keyboards to the fore at last, maybe not underused in the previous 2 albums, but hidden in the mix.

    I hope it's even better than the 2 previous albums, tops their success, and they go out on a high! :clapper:

    Lazy, you're quite right.

    Seemed when BCC was starting people had suspicions about who was involved. Maybe that isn't the case now, the players involved have managed to keep it quiet?

    I think they may be calling themselves,

    Brotherhood :)

    A couple of things i'm interested about for this album.

    Are there going to be any Joe B compositions on it, like the others, or is it solely Glenn songs.

    And is Glenn doing all the lead vocals this time? Are we going to get the Glenn/Joe vocal harmonies as we heard on the first, but not the second, album.

    I've not seen any news about this, may have missed it though.

    Either way, im looking forward to it, i hope it's another killer, successful album :clapper:


    I enjoy this album quite a lot. When you need something a bit less intense,a bit less in your face, i like to give Joe albums a listen.

    I saw Joe live the year before last, and i commented at the time about the frequent guitar change. Initially it made me laugh, then it carried on happening and i thought it was absurd. I think its totally unnecessary, i think i'd be embarrassed doing that. I'm not a guitar player, but is the tone/sound really that different that a different guitar is required for almost every song played live? It just breaks up the flow of a gig.

    For all that though i thought it was a pretty good gig :)

    Best wishes all


    Hi all. It's quiet here. Thought id try and create a bit of a discussion.

    I was listening to BCC Live in the car today. I was enjoying it, and i started to think about how Glenn said that the straight rock format wasn't really his thing, around the time of HTP, and in fact he was quite dismissive of the HTP albums.

    So i thought about how enthusiastic he is about BCC, when he was so negative about HTP.

    So is BCC, the songs, albums, musicians significantly better than HTP? It is slightly difficult to compare, because he is the main singer in BCC, whereas he obviously shared duties with JLT in HTP.

    For what its worth i think HTP were just as good, if not better than BCC. Is that sacrilege?

    So what do people think?


    Hi Willem

    Think HOBL has 5 or 6 great tracks with a few fillers.

    I like the slightly unusual musical style of some of the tracks and some great lyrics.

    The Unwritten Law is another fav and can't fail to like Mitzi Dupree.

    So Glenn is in the studio with Chad. What about a guitar player? Surely they need one of those.

    In unrelated news, John Sykes has suddenly left the project he was doing with Mike Portnoy, although apparently no known reason why yet.

    Its a strange one. Most fans, well the ones who post on their respective websites, seem to prefer the solo material. Glenn's fans, and i include myself in this,seem to prefer his solo material. Joe's fans also seem to prefer his solo material. I enjoy BCC, but it just doesnt have that Je ne sais quoi [Apologies to Stormie].That essence of Glenn, the mix of soul,funk,blues,rock,pop that most of his solo material encompasses.

    So there must be a new audience for BCC to make it worthwhile. I have a question for them, and the press. What is the difference in the quality of the BCC albums, and some of the solo stuff such as SITKOR, Soul Mover?

    Certainly i would have preferred a solo album next as opposed to new BCC.

    Actually, its not that strange. Glenn wants to be seen and heard by a bigger audience, after all, that is why he left Trapeze to join DP. I suspect that Glenn isn't following his heart and to me that's a shame. We've seen this before throughout his solo career where he's changed musical direction to keep the record companies happy as they wanted less funk and more rock on his albums. I can remember him being pretty scathing about simple rock music and how he found it unsatisfying around the time of the HTP albums, which i feel are as good as the BCC albums,others may disagree.

    Ultimately i feel Glenn has earned the right to make the music he wants to, to please himself, whether that decision is based on musical reasons, or business reasons, only he will know, and who are we to judge?

    Im pretty much in agreement with Wolfysmith. obviously a big Glenn fan, and DC\Whitesnake, but i think mk 2 edges it. I think just not quite enough consistently good material on the mk 3 albums, although Burn is my favourite DP song [followed by Child in Time]. Id have mk2 placed above mark1 though.

    Would be nice to see JJ back, although unlikely to happen. Would be great to see someone like John Sykes play on the album, but i cant see anyone but his current touring band being on the album. And i wouldn't complain about that!