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    Does this mean Glenn has 3 recording projects on the go now? The secret collaboration, the Andrew collaboration he's involved in now, and the planned solo album? I'm getting a tad confused now :D

    I get the impression this new band project isn't going to be Rock in style at all. I know Glenn said was going to be more mainstream, i thought that just meant more commercial rock, but now i'm not sure.


    This is exactly how i felt and described the BCC situation as it unfolded.

    They have to either accept that Joe is not interested in touring and get a new guitar player in for live shows [and studio work if Joe left all together] or get him to change his mind, or call it quits.

    I certainly enjoy the BCC albums, would be a shame not to get anymore.


    Hey all

    Have listened to Afterglow numerous times since its release. Its a very good album, i'm not sure it's their best. I was interested when Joe said the first one was his. I listened to them one after the other last week and couldnt decide.

    Track highlights, The Circle and The Giver, two mighty mighty songs, epic!
    Followed closely by Afterglow, Big Train, Confessor and This Is Your Time. I like the quirkiness of Crawl too.

    Performance wise, Glenn steals the show with his vocal performance, absolutely sensational.

    Jason and Derek are great on this album too.

    I think its Joe's weakest performance on the 3 albums. His soloing [to my non guitar player ears] is ok, but i just felt his lead work was underwhelming.

    I still believe that BCC haven't made the best album that they can yet. Whether they will do in the future, is another question.

    I think this all harks back to points i've made before. What were the band members expectations of each others commitments to the band from the get go.

    If one of the members has shifted their goalpost, then there's a question to be answered.

    If Joe, [i mean lets face it, we know it's about Joe and his commitment or lack of commitment to touring] has always said he's got a busy schedule and is unavailable to tour, then i dont think he should be blamed.

    What i find really disappointing is the manner in which these guys, these friends, have spoken about each other and the situation. I think that ultimately will mean that not only the band, but their friendship, may be beyond repair.

    I'll be disappointed for Glenn, because he obviously has been enjoying the critical success its brought him. It's not a big disappointment to me, because i dont think BCC is stronger than other non BCC stuff.

    I thought of Steve Vai and Chad too, particularly with the recent ReMachined contribution they made together.
    I was interested in the comment about it being more mainstream commercial though. Steve Vai's music on the whole has been non commercial, apart from his time with the 2 David's, Mr Coverdale and Roth. So if is Steve as the guitar player, will be interesting. I think they could come up with some Hughes/Thrall type music.

    We will just have to wait and see :)

    I'm really looking forward to this album. This Is Your Time and Common Man are sounding fantastic here :thumbup:

    What i'm really loving is Glenn just taking it back a notch vocally, not full on turbo all the time, and doing some harmonies. How i miss those!

    Cannot wait, the album is going to be awesome :clapper:

    I don't think its easy for us to make any comment as we don't know the details of the issues.

    Generally, Glenn's fans will support Glenn, Joe's fans will support him, and Derek and Jasons fans may not have an opinion.

    I think the crux of the matter is what the plans were at the start, what the various members expectations, commitments, and contracts, with regards to making album and touring were? And which one of them has not stuck to his word.

    Maybe the quality of what they were producing, live and in the studio, has taken them all by surprise. I think that Glenn enjoyed the critical and commercial success of BCC whereas Joe was more interested in the bland Blues that he churns out on a regular basis very critically and commercially successfully.

    Its a shame its come to this.


    Hi David

    Glenn was looking well, sounding in top form.
    The presenters were mm, quite poor and not very well informed. Apart from the hash they made about the Marshall amp/speaker subject, questioned him about what DP were up to now, they developed a fixation for Glenn's Sunglasses, and also spoke about his little finger injury.
    Glenn was most gracious and took it all in his stride.