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    Hey Keith

    Couldn't agree with you more. It amazes me that Pat and Glenn worked together at all. Glenn with his raw passion for music. Pat with affair with computer programmes! May be being a bit harsh, but there you go

    Best wishes all


    Hi all

    I like Steve Vai. BUT he was never, and will never ever be a guitar player for the Snake :D

    I think that DC's decision to hire him was the greatest mistake he ever made for Whitesnake.


    ps that playing in the video was dreadful


    I think there are a few odd choices. Curse is actually one of my favourite GH songs, and is quite unique. i think that is why some of the songs have been chosen, to try to show the varied style of papa, rather than a 'best of' selection. Is the track listing order as stated?? Seems odd to start cd2 with coffee and vanilla, followed by I dont want to live...

    Best wishes to you all


    Thanks David.

    Asssumed it was just this, although wondered whether it was record company problems. Mind you, if he was just using favourite albums as a criteria for song inclusion i think most of mftd would have been included.


    Hi All!

    Greetings from a very wet Sheffield! :(

    We have been one of the worst areas for flooding. However, i am lucky because i live away from the flooded areas and have been more or less unaffected. Predicting another bad weekend so the wellies will be out.

    Hope you are all well.

    Best wishes


    That was one of the worst performances by a winning football team that i have ever seen!! Milan were absolutely rubbish. Of course, the point of the game is scoring more goals than the opposition and they did that.

    Rafael B was too negative and should have put on another forward at the start of the second half.

    ps Ben, nice one :claphands

    Hey Glenn

    You're sounding supercharged :lol:

    Have you been having a good time out on the road?

    Enjoy the usa shows. hope to see you in the uk soon :rolleyes:



    Saw the Purp's at sheffield the other night. Thin Lizzy were disappointing. No chemistry/charisma, what a disappointment John Sykes is as a frontman. At least they have the great rhythm section of Tommy and Marco, although tommy wouldn't know subtlety if it hit him on the head with a sledge hammer :confused: He hits the hell out of his drums.

    Styx, what can i say? Knew nothing of them or their music but have to say i enjoyed them. The keyboard player/singer is one heck of an unusual guy. Freddie Merc meets Elton John meets Mick Jagger!!!

    Purple were enjoyable although it all seems such an effort and struggle for Ian G now, when you think of how effortless it is for Glenn. Ian P could hardly be heard, the sound was dominated by Don Airey who was fantastic. Battle rages on was surprisingly good.

    an enjoyable, but not outstanding night out.