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    Hi all :)

    Gave myself some time to listen to the album before commenting. Before i knew it i must have listened to the album at least twenty times. REALLY FUNKING enjoying this album :D

    Must be a grooving album as i have been listening to it a lot on my ipod and dancing and singing. And let me tell you my singing, let alone my dancing is awful :eek:

    Highlights and standout moments. Well quite a lot. Cant really call them that then can you.

    Crave-great album opener and within this one song you get a summary of what to expect. Funky funk, low down rock, pop and soul, with a bit of prog thrown in.

    Funkky F.U.N.K. with those horny horns.

    Satellite with that dreamy bass and smooth vocals. Just lie back and gaze into space and listen to a master at work

    The lovefest love communion

    We will be free to get groovy follows. This is the song that i dance and bop like Austin Powers to the most. One of my favourites on the cd. Trapeze meets Bolin era DP meets play me out.

    Imperfection. Never has a song been SO COMPLETELY wrongly titled. This is one of the most beautiful songs that Glenn has written. PERFECTION

    Never Say Never is the only song i struggle to like, and that is only because of the frantic chorus. I try to like the chorus as much as like the rest of the song but i dont know what it is about the chorus, it just doesnt work for me. Love the bit after the guitar solo where Glenn spits out 'The bass dont lie' in the strange voice.

    We Go To War. Dark Star's distant close but near relative!!

    Oil and Water. JJ is back. This is a great song, reminds me of Let It Go as it goes from the gentle acoustic driven to full out heavy riffing. Glenn goes turbocharged in the chorus. If Glenn made a complete album in this vein my brains would be bleeding after listening to it. Love this track.

    Too Late.. is along with, We shall be free and, imperfection probably my favourite tracks, although if you ask me next week that might have changed. EPIC. Again Glenn brilliantly in one song manages to add all the musical flavours and spices to create for us a brilliant dish. Another beauty to sing along [badly] to!

    Then of course there is where there's a will, yet another masterclass in soulfull dreamy classy beautiful songwriting.

    In summary, a fantastic album from Glenn :claphands :bouncer: :clapper:

    You can tell that Glenn is in his element with this album, you can FEEL the fun[k] that he has had making it.

    My favourite vocalist, has never sounded so good across all the spectrum of styles of music. From the jazzy soulful to the all out rock, Glenn is singing superbly.

    Bass is to up front for me at the expense of the guitars just a little bit at times but that is probably nitpicking.

    Love the keyboards, horns, and strings.

    Chad is great also, and of course Glenns bass work is good.

    In summary this is a funky, soulful, jazzy, rocky, pop masterclass and i dont think that any other artist would have been able to make an album this good incorporating all these styles of music.

    I'm just gutted i wont be able to see you on the road live this time. Have missed you the last couple of times Glenn :mad:

    Hey Fedor

    Thanks for all you have done over the years. Without you, David and Shirean, us GHCP'S would have been in the dark about our big daddy without your valuable contributions to the websites.

    To borrow a phrase from one of our other boys and his band of cocksmiths :eek:

    We wish you well :clapper: :clapper:

    Hi all.

    Have to agree with Mark. Glenn can be an aquired taste with some of his vocal deliveries. Maybe your baby is a good example of this. Glenn goes WAY over the top on this. I enjoy it, but some people may not. However, people who like smooth vocal deliveries would have to enjoy his performance on tracks such as Right before my eyes, Video Killed The Radio Star with Geoff Downes which i heard for the first time the other day and is probably one of his finest vocal deliveries ever.

    I have not heard another artist who has such a wide vocal range, or can sing such a wide variety of styles of music, so brilliantly as Glenn.

    He is the VOICE! :bow:

    All i can say is that you can please some people some of the time, but not all people all of the time :rolleyes:

    Some bands such as ACDC release the same album year after year and it is ok. Some like Snake release different sounding albums because they change line ups and it is not ok. They still sing about sex and have four songs per album with love in the title. Some 'fans' want to hear the 30 year old version of the band playing 30 year old style songs.

    I like what DC has done with this album. I like Whitesnake because, well for many reasons. I want them to make rock blues based love songs about love and sex. They dont have to make the same song over and over, but i dont want them to start to make political songs in a jazz style.

    Glenn is different in that he has on the whole made songs which amalgamate many styles of music and lyrics, and i love him for that :clapper: :bow: :)


    listening to GTTB at the moment! Very good album overall with some standout tracks. DC describes it as muscular. It certainly is :eek: Heavy in parts. Overall a cross between 1987 and Slip of the Tongue, with a few nods and winks to the 'Old Whitesnake' pre 1987 and Coverdale Page thrown in. A few great tracks, Best Years, Lay down your love, and Till the end of time. My 4 year old daughter is singing the chorus of lay down your love :clapper: Must be catchy :)

    Rhythm section is very good. The bass is really heavy through my proper hifi, and the new drummer Chris is great. Although i love tommy a, never had the tough and feel for some snake songs.

    Best wishes to you all out there,

    Paul J

    Hi Guys.

    Mine was the From Now On tour as it was the first chance that i had had to see Glenn Live. Not only was it great to here some new music from him on the album, but to actually see him sing live was amazing :bouncer: :bow:

    Was at Glasgow, the Cathouse. Unfortunately recently for one reason or another have missed him live :(

    That will continue this year as my wife is going to lecture in the depths of Africa [Malawi] when he is on tour and i need to look after my girls. What can i do :confused:

    Hi there

    nice to hear you sounding so well Glenn. New track, don't know, need to hear it again and some more from the new album before passing judgement. Best wishes to Mel. Hope the childline gig goes well this week. Is it being recorded for a dvd???


    Hi Guys!

    Looking forward to the new cd. Not crazy about the title, but its the songs that count, and i'm expecting some corkers.

    Look forward to hearing the song F.U.N.K. :thumbup: Not sure whether i can come up with a lyrical rhyme for microwaving an egg :D

    Best wishes to all the ghcp's across the world.

    Glenn, hope to see you in the UK on the tour,


    Hi Glenn.

    You sound on fire!
    Sounds like the cd will be awesome. Funnily enough have been listening to Feel a lot recently, and had You are the music on yeterday. Must be Karma.

    Happy xmas to one and all



    Agree that with Ritchie happy playing a different style of music, and Glenn always being the chameleon of sound and style, some completely new style of music collaboration could be fresh and exciting. Not sure if DC, and i love DC and the Snake, would be able to bring anything new to the mix.



    Not looking for any longterm commitment, would just be a bit of fun. Agree with you completely Iain that there would not be any artisitic merit!! Would definitely not want to lose Glenn's solo work :eek: :rolleyes:



    thought it might cause a few debates :D Didn't expect them all to be so negative :eek: i think it would only be a bit of nostalgia, a bit of fun. I would hope by now that Gillan and Blackmore would have grown up and maybe give something back to the fans who have made them multimillionaires and supported them over the years. No band that i can think of, whether they have had multiple line up changes or not has managed to keep themselves as the most popular/best selling bands around, so i dont think it is fair to criticise purple for carrying on making music and touring. Yes some of their albums may have been duff along the way-abandon- for example, and i do agree having seen purple live recently that it is a bit of a perpetual greatest hits package when you see them live rather than playing more recent material.

    Is it heresy but i have always much preferred purple to zeppelin. i think a one off reunion wouldn't be such a bad thing.


    Hi all

    Hope everyone out there is well.

    Following Led Zep's triumphant return, it makes you wonder what could be if we had a Deep Purple 'one off' reunion concert with all the previous members participating.....

    The mind boggles !!


    New album sounds like it may be interesting according to the Fireworks interview with James. Looking forward to the continuing legacy of Play Me Out and Feel. Was also interested to see that Glenn only added Talking to Messiah, Big Time, and Redline to the Feel album late on due to the record company being worried about the lack of rock songs. I wonder what tracks would have bee included if these had not been added. Would the couple of tracks from incense and peaches be two??

    best wishes all.


    looking forward to this also. seems a long time since m4td.

    interesting song titles. good fun trying to work out what the songs are about. Not sure difficult for 'we go to war', an anti [iraq] war song perhaps to open the album. imperfection, a song about glenn himself, or all of us?