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    Hi Glenn

    Thanks for the personal reply :)

    What i said was more in jest. Knew you were not planning to do another for a while. You know what we are like, just can't get enough of your work.

    Still loving FUNK. Imperfection is still perfection, still funking to FUNK and We Shall Be Free, and rocking to Oil and Water.

    Still mad that i've not been able to see you live since the Soul Mover tour :(

    Best wishes,

    Keep enjoying the tour!!



    Now that Glenn has rediscovered his love of playing the guitar is the line up for the next album going to be:

    All lead and background vocals-Glenn
    Bass Guitar-Glenn
    All lead and rhythym guitars-Glenn
    Music, Melodies and lyrics-Glenn

    Not sure about these-

    Just wondering!! :confused:

    Paul J

    Hi all

    One thing that i really like about the ipod is that you can create a playlist. So much easier than creating your own compilations that used to take forever and a day!!

    Created one for myself yesterday. A Big Daddy one of course ;)

    Needed a chill out Glenn one to listen too so that when i was up for a more soulful evening of music i could listen to this. What do you think? Any songs i should have added or what other Big Daddy playlists can you come up with? 20-21 tracks

    The Way It Is
    Does It Mean That Much To You
    What Is A Woman's Role?
    Right Before My Eyes
    Coffee And Vanilla
    Video Killed The Radio Star
    Your Love Is Like A Fire
    Doublelife[incense and peaches]
    Speak Your Mind
    This Is How I Feel
    Coast To Coast
    Nights In White Satin
    Where There's A Will
    Take You Down
    Will Our Love End
    Big Sky
    The Divine

    Need a Glenn Turbo Playlist for when i'm driving the car :eek:

    Best wishes to you all,



    Funny how this subject came up as only downloaded these two songs the other day :bouncer:

    Isnt itunes brilliant. Mind you, it is missing a hell of a lot of well known albums by well known artists. These two songs are really good and i have to agree with Chip Silence is brilliant!! :clapper:

    Sounds like Glenn is also doing some of the vox on the song 'Kiss Me On My Ego' also but could be wrong. Is he on any of the other tracks. This band are really good, may download the whole album and others, and this style is most definitely suited to Glenn.



    Bought an ipod with money i received for my 40th birthday back in April. Best thing i ever bought. Particularly as been able to download from itunes some of the more obscure session songs that Glenn has sung on without having to buy the whole album :bouncer: :bouncer:

    Love to you all,


    Hi all

    Hate the name, hate the concept :mad:

    HOWEVER, if they chose to make new albums using the Rainbow/deep purple style of music and song writing as a blueprint then they could be brilliant.


    agree with you Arjen, a wonderful song :thumbup:

    Oh sorry, i've already picked some others :huh:

    How can you pick one favourite song from the wonderful Big Daddy :confused:


    Hey Guys

    Now you should all know that it's not the quantity of fans but the Quality of the fans that counts. I have it on good authority that the best Glenn fans are to be found in South Yorkshire,England.

    The fact that i live there is completely coincidental :rolleyes:


    Hi all

    Was listening to Building The Machine last night and was thinking how great the first three songs are. The first three songs on an album usually indicate how strong the album is going to be as the better ones usually come at the start.

    So the question is, which album has the best first three songs?

    F.U.N.K. is pretty damned good, but like someone else on another thread i think that Love Communion should have been the third track before satellite[great track though it is]


    Hi Keith

    That was great. Glad to hear that Glenn is embracing the new young fans but dont forget us oldies :(

    mind you, only just hit forty. Does that mean i'm in the young or old group :confused:

    Terry Staunton

    Please listen to some of the albums from Glenns past.

    The three Trapeze albums, which he made prior to his tenure in DP. Lets just pick one track-What Is A Womans Role? Would this track look out of place on his current album? Hughes /Thrall. A seminal album by all accounts. The three middle tracks of 'side 1'. The Look In You Eye, Where Did The Time Go, and Beg, Borrow And Steal.

    Have you heard of these, or even [i would be very surprised] listened to these albums??

    Lets also speak about his stint in DP, which the so called 'journalist' was barking on about in his interview. On Burn, two tracks, Might Just Take Your Life and Sail Away. On Stormbringer, Hold On, Love Dont Mean A Thing, And Holy Man.

    Terry, please listen to these tracks and tell me whether Glenn is ignoring his musical heritage.

    I agree with you David, it is not so much that it was a bad review, lets face it, Glenn has had a lot of those with his solo career, it was the ill informed comments that were made.


    Oi Iain!

    Leave the Whitesnake album alone. I think its good, and i've said it before. Some bands repeat the same formula rigidly such as AC/DC and are treated as gods, bands like ws stick fairly close to their formula and get slated :confused: You can't say that you can put GTBB next to Come And Get It and say its the same old stuff.

    Will have to be pistols at dawn if you carry on :eek: :D