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    To me it’s a step back. I like it when Glenn has control and comes out with his own material. The song and his vocal delivery could come off the last Voodoo Hill album. It’s an ok song but not very inspiring to me.

    It's a shame it's not a band project with Glenn singing. That could have been interesting. I don't think Glenn is appreciated as much as he could be for his bass playing. Maybe this album will give him the chance to shine and let his playing get the credit it deserves.

    I don't know what to think about this. I'm sure it was only a month or two ago that Glenn insisted he would never be in a band again, and there seemed to be some serious bad blood between him and Joe after BCC finished, then him and Jason after Californa Breed.

    Will wait and see what pans out. Let's hope these other guys don't leave Glenn in the lurch again looking like the bad guy.

    Unfortunately the set list doesn't inspire me and I hate to say it but some of the stuff on you tube such as One Last Soul, Orion, Can't Stop the Flood, sweet Tea seem a bit uninspired and dull to me. Saying that, the Trapeze tracks sound great, and Doug does a damn fine job on them. I don't understand playing Good to be Bad, and would have loved to hear some songs from the many collaborations he has done over the years. Reach for the Sky or All Messed Up from Gary Moore, HTP songs, John Norum. Take your pick. Would love to have heard All Falls Down probably the best track from the CB album. But as Wolfy says, tricky to please everyone.

    Totally surprised by this. No new Snake songs, a covers "tribute" album. Now he becomes David Cover Version for real!

    Will get the album but I don't know , I'm not too enthusiastic. Although his voice sounded pretty good on forevermore not too good on this new Stormbringer. I think Michael Devin is a real talent though, a singing bass player, where have I seen one of those before!?

    Maybe a duet with Glenn on Holy Man Mikey?

    This could have been a bonus disc on a double album with an album of true Snake songs, maybe as a last hurrah for the band. maybe shouldn't have called it a whitesnake album?

    Can't agree with you more. Should be in the top ten if was on album of year shortlist. Completely illogical. Just pull albums and positions out of a hat!

    Yeah I laugh at his "bullied" comment. It was always the plan to tour. Err and what are these other commitments he has, yes touring!
    And needing the money? It's difficult to comment on that.

    I don't know, although afterglow and california breed albums have been well received, and I've enjoyed them, I do wonder whether Glenn would have been better off proceeding with the solo album/band that he was doing before Kevin Shirley persuaded him to do BCC and afterglow instead.

    It seems like ages since we've seen Glenn live properly in the UK.

    Well I've been living with the album for a few weeks now and think its a very good album.

    I like my Rock but seem to like the softer, more Glenn solo style songs the most.
    All Falls Down, Breathe, and Strong are my favourites.

    I'm not sure that I'm keen on the continuing strong desire to write and perform songs that mimic Led Zeppelin, not that the songs aren't good.

    Think Solo is a great track and can't believe it was the bonus track on the cd. I'd have had it as the opening track!

    Glenn sings great as usual. Not sure about his bass playing on the album because for some reason I can't hear it that well on most of the tracks. Not sure if it's my ears, or the equipment I use to listen. Jason plays fantastic, and I like Andrews playing a lot.

    I'd score this as a 7.5 out of 10 album.