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    I'm just listening to that ;) Remaster sounds pretty cool I would say. Booklet rocks as well. And last but not least, I got this dirty cheap in our local CD shop. It was in a great shape and cost 169 Czech Crowns which is approx. 7 Euros, I could not believe my eyes! Same price for remastered Fireball and In Rock! Really welcomed surprise for a poor student :D

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Well, maybe a bit OT, but I can't help myself... I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE!!! With the returning button at My internet explorer has frozen somehow, so I clicked that and it shown the previous page but just for a while and than the page with returning button came back... I found myself clickin' at that in the rhythm of FUNK for more than HALF an hour!!! This CLIK is CLICK the CLICK the CLICK first CLICK ungerground CLICK nuclear CLICK kitchen... Hopping on the overball I use instead of a chair here all the time... Now, it's not just about loud music and my terrible singing (and a bit better guitarplaying), but I support the noise with these strange sounds as well... My neighbours certainly love me :mad: :1:

    Cheers to maker of this sweet button and all readers,
    Honza :D

    Hi, thanks for the recording, I've made one myself as well (128kb bitrate - the quality in which Beat radio streams - , if anone cares, contact me, but not sure whether there's any huge difference) :) The evening with Glenn was great, nice songs chosen (Crave, Love Communion, Weekend Warrior by Monkey Business, Steppin' On, FUNK, We Shall Be Free ) and Glenn's good mood and jokin' all 'reound was just sweet! But Czech translator didn't care... He had problems with language itself, he didn't catch few jokes and knew almost nothing about Daddy's solo career :( But a great evening for people who speak English! If Glenn needs an enthusiastic Czech translator next time... ... ask ME :D :D :D