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    ...I have to say that Soulmover is one of the few albums in my life that doesnt have me reaching for the 'skip' button,

    my thoughts exactly :cool:

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    You guys are so cool, Glenn is lucky to have such great fans.

    we're your fans too

    There was a recent interview in which Glenn said that Chad's wife was due on February 25th. I haven't heard anything more but thought I would just throw out a big CONGRATULATIONS to Chad and Nancy!!

    Lots of Love, Health & Happiness to you and your family:thumbup:

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    Frontiers should give me a refund for selling me a "defective" product.

    :confused: Perhaps they could strike a deal. If you bought the "defective" one and are going to one of the shows, you could trade it in for a good one, or get a discounted one at least. I'm sure they would lose money but better customer service always seems to pay off down the road. I'm also sure all of the business-minded people can find fault with this, but it's just an idea.

    just my opinion, of course, but here goes...

    I look at this site as kind of a news site from people in the know (most of you have met Glenn). Personally, I am one of the people that came on board because of Chad's collaborations with Glenn. While I do find Glenn incredibly talented, I have to admit, I don't know much about him (only what I have heard here). Therefore, I personally don't like to post because it will sound (and rightfully so) like I don't know what the hell I am talking about. Therefore, I assume lurker status most of the time.

    I would say the limited numbers of posts are kind of a good thing, though. I have been in quite a few forums and I would say that 95% of their posts are crap (how cute is Anthony Kiedis' butt, what is your favorite hairstyle on flea...:rolleyes: ). So with that in mind I would say that this forum is doing pretty good.

    Done ramblin' I said..just MY opinion

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    What about HTIS (Hughes Turner Iommi Smith)

    It may not be impossible... :thumbup:

    but it is a beautiful idea...get Chad with someone that can actually sing
    and i bet the music would be spectacular

    just a quick question about the song of the month (the bee gee's, To Love Somebody, live in las vegas) is that with chad smith? and is it on a cd or something that can be purchased somewhere???
    sorry if this is a repeat question, i could not find anything on it.

    Launch Radio Networks is reporting that AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler will be on the ice at the FleetCenter in Boston on Sunday (Oct. 3) for a good cause. Tyler will be a coach for an all-star team at actor-comedian Denis Leary's annual Celebrity Hat Trick benefit hockey game, which will also include RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS DRUMMER CHAD SMITH, actors including Michael J. Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, Gina Gershon, and George Wendt, and hockey stars Cam Neely, Bobby Orr, Mike Eruzione, Bryan Trottier, and Brendan Shanahan, among many others. Tyler also took part in the 2002 event, and he and lead guitarist Joe Perry were involved in the organization's Monte Carlo Night in 2003.

    Proceeds from the game go to the Leary Firefighters Foundation, which raises money for firefighters in New York City and central Massachusetts.

    "9. oooooooooooo new video when is it gonna be on mtv Dave ? Dave do you know when the chilis are planning to release another album?

    Don't know about the video as it is mainly for Europe. Glenn said I could put a Quicktime here though. As for the Chilis, they are currently writing for a new album, so I don't know of a release date yet."

    a little further down on that page dave answers this question from a's something at least