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    A win for the Chicks was also a win for our Chad. So I think that makes him the big winner of the night. He made the whole show worth watching (in my opinion).

    It was nice to see him playing with the Dixie Chicks earlier in the evening. It would have been nicer if they had actually turned a few lights on in the back so we could see him better but...

    And as for the Pepper usual they started out only showing the three in the front. But as the song progressed he stole the show and they started giving him the coverage he has always deserved.

    It may sound a little crazy but tonight I was prouder than ever to be a Chad fan. Kind of a little "I told you that man was good...."

    :bow: :drummer:

    Left to Right: Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith and Michael Anthony Former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar celebrated his wife Kari's 40th birthday party at his Cabo Wabo Cantina with friends and family including Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Pepper and former Van Halen bassist Famer Michael Anthony. It is rumored that these three rock icons will be starting a "power trio" side project with a clever moniker of "Chicken Foot." Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - 6 January 2007

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    Full name: Theresa Sue McClusky
    Date of birth: March 21, 1973
    Place of Birth: Heidelberg, Germany
    Star sign: Aries
    Heritage: French, Dutch, Irish, German and a little American Indian
    Occupation: Dry Cleaner by day. The rest of the time: Maid, Cook, Accountant, Psychologist, Nurse...MOM!!
    You would describe yourself as: Very laid back, way too forgiving and gullible
    Favorite authors: Stephen King and Anne Rice
    Favorite films: I like old Doris Day, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson movies
    Favorite actor/actress: See my above answer
    Favorite soundtracks: I can't think of one right now.
    Favorite sports teams: Boston Bruins
    Favorite episode of The Simpsons: Don't have one
    How many languages can you speak? English, German and Korean
    What turns you on? Laughing and exercise
    What turns you off? People who are never happy unless they, or everyone around them, are miserable
    First gig you ever went to: Duran Duran
    Next gig you’ll go to: None in my financial future
    Most embarrassing moment: I am sure it has not happened yet
    Your biggest pet peeve: people who have to have the last word
    The one human trait you most abhor: Laziness!!
    The one place you would like to visit: China
    Which period in history would you like to have lived in – and why? Hmmm...that is a good question.
    What do you consider taboo? Screwing around on your spouse (no matter what a prick they are)
    Tell us one kooky thing about yourself: porcelain babies freak me out
    World’s sexiest man: I'm kinda partial to Chad Smith ;)
    World’s sexiest woman: Chalene Johnson
    Your idea of luxury is……Paying the bills and having money left for groceries
    What would they give you a lifetime achievement award for? Supporting myself and my daughter...
    Where do you think Bin Laden is hiding? If I knew that I would be collecting me a reward!
    What makes you happiest? My daughter, Lara
    Last time you cried: When I found out how much a divorce costs...hahaha!
    Motto: How much do you want now??

    Since he is a little busy these days, I will give you what he has said in the past...

    about John Fogerty...(Modern Drummer 1994)
    "I wouldn't call myself a 'session man'. I just get lucky through friends or friends of friends. Ross Garfield, the Drum Doctor, turned me onto a John Fogerty thing. John had asked Ross for suggestion on drummers, so ther's Josh Freese, myself, Nick Menza from Megadeth, Curt Bisquera, Eddie Bayers, Steve Jordan. Some of the last stuff Jeff Porcaro did is on there.

    The way John works is very interesting. It was just me, him and a bass player. We played a pretty straight-ahead rock tune like two or three times, and it sounded good. He's like, "Sounds great. Maybe just try this in the chorus", a couple other suggestions. So we went back in and did that. "Cool man, sounds great, let's break for lunch." I figure, great, we got it, no we're gonna move on to another tune, maybe a swampier CCR thing. But after lunch, it's "Okay, we're gonna do it again." "Uh...okay." So we did it again..and again...and again...and again--like twenty times. And I'm going, "What the hell, man?" I'm used to three of four times--if you do't get it you move on to another song.
    So we came back the next day and played it twelve more times. He was still saying, "Yeah, sounds good, man. I really like what you're doing. Let's do one more." I asked him, "Is this the way you did it back in the CCR days?" and he said, "No, we'd do it a couple of times and that was it." And I'm like, "Yeah, that seems to be the way to do it!" But he said, "Yeah, but we were a band then, and this isn't a band. If we had rehearsed for months before, then it might have been a different story." Then I came back on the third day, and we played it five more times. I think he was finally pleased with it because we went home early. I saw the engineer a few days later and asked him, "What did you do yesterday?" "We edited drum tracks." "Oh, cool." "Yeah, seventy edits." "Seventeen edits?" "No, seventy!"

    "I just had to really zen down. I said to myself, "Okay, this is the first time I've played this." It's a long process, but he's trying to get that really special feel for the performance, and that's cool. In the end he was happy; he was a really nice guy and I was very honored to do it. Ross told me I'm on the record, so I'm pleased."

    about Johnny Cash (Rhythm 2004)
    "My dad was a big fan of country music and was always playing it around the house when I was a kid. At the time I didn't like it--why would I? It was my parents' music! Anyway, Rick happened to be working with Johnny Cash, one of my dad's favourite artists, and had this idea for Flea and I to play on some of the songs. WHen Rick called to see if I'd be interested, I almost dropped the phone. Johnny Cash? Are you serious? Awesome! My older brother, Brad, who plays guitar, happened to be in town at that time so I rang and left a message for him to meet me at the studio. I hadn't told him what I was doing there and when he walked in, he found me talking to Johnny Cash. He almost fell over! Johnny was the nicest guy and playing with him was very special. The music world lost another legend when he died last year."

    About Glenn and in general (Modern Drummer 2006)
    "Growing up, I would never in a million years think I'd be making records with Glenn Hughes or doing drumming events with people like Bad Company's Simon Kirke and Ian Paice, and having them say, 'I really like the way you play.' That's amazing to me. The cool thing is, the young people who enjoy what I do and come out to see me might not normally be exposed to players like them. I think it's important that they learn the lineage. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if it wasn't for this guy or that guy, and there's millions of them that I'd be able to say that about. And from a purely selfish standpoint, it's an excuse to hang out with my heroes and ask them what it was like being on the Starship jet or whatever, or to hang out with Jim Keltner and just soak it up. I LOVE that stuff."

    Quote from jerklund

    I'm sure that Chad is the best singer in Chili Peppers...and he is wise enough to keep his mouth shut during concerts...


    Ouch! I'm not a big fan of Anthony's "singing" either and John's constant backing is kind of annoying at times. But that being said...the Chili's are what the Chili's are. Listen or don't. IMO the drums are always on...:cool:

    As for them on Glenn's albums, I think John is wise enough to know that Glenn can handle the vocals on his own ;) And JJ is perfectly placed and extremely capable.

    I personally don't get all the hoopla about John and his guitar playing but be careful where you say that...there is a massive legion of vicious John fans that are sworn to protect and defend him to the death. (I think there might be a few in here now-a-days.)

    there is a lot to digest on there. I have not picked my fave yet but i personally keep going back to wet sand, tell me baby and turn it again. It is NOT a good idea to put it in the alarm clock/cd player...I just lay there listening and forget to get up...

    edit...stuck on Turn It Again

    On one of the pepper sites, there was a guy saying that they were selling Stadium Arcadium in Gibraltar on April 29. That's about when it "leaked". So it could have come from a promo copy or just somebody who got lucky enough to buy it early.

    I think they did a pretty good job keeping it down to just a week before the release, instead of earlier. The Foo Fighters was being downloaded about a month before their release. And most "fans" are going to be buying it anyway.

    This is the generation of instant gratification. And they announce these release dates soooo early, it's hard to wait. People are going to jump on it the first chance they get.

    I guess one way to guarantee a record sale is to add a little something that is only available with the cd. Something like the video that was included with Soul Mover. Then again, even that was available on the internet before the release. Maybe a presale code for the tour or something...

    But, what do I know?!? I'm just a fan...(and I've already pre-ordered.)