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    You had better NOT smoke one fu cking cigarette near me or I am going to kick your ass!

    Jeff Scott Soto's performance at the 2003 Queen Convention in the UK has been captured on DVD and is available now from The performance sees Jeff and his solo band - Howie Simon (who?), Alex Papa and Gary Schutt run through a full set of Queen classics in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd. The track listing for the DVD is:

    Procession . Let Me Entertain You . Tie Your Mother Down . Another One Bites The Dust . I Want to Break Free . Keep Yourself Alive . Spread Your Wings . Dragon Attack . Medley: Death On Two Legs, Princes Of The Universe, Tenement Funster, Flick Of The Wrist, Innuendo, Ogre Battle, I'm In Love With My Car . Fat Bottomed Girls . '39 . Hammer to Fall . Don't Stop Me Now . You're My Best Friend . Save Me . I Want It All . [Guitar Solo: featuring Howie Simon] . Stone Cold Crazy . Piano Medley: Dear Friends, You Take My Breath Away, Love Of My Life, Good Old Fashioned Loverboy, Jealousy, Nevermore, Lily Of The Valley, The Millionaire Waltz, Who Wants To Live Forever . Somebody To Love . Killer Queen . Play The Game . These Are The Days Of Our Lives . It's Late . Under Pressure . Radio Ga Ga . [Drum Solo: featuring Alex Papa] . We Will Rock You . We Are The Champions . Encore: Bohemian Rhapsody . The Show Must Go On . God Save The Queen

    Full order, price and shipping details are available via the website:

    That was my friend Stefan Svensson ( filling in for Glen Sobel on drums and I gotta say he did a great job on short notice. It was good to meet you Rick...sorry I was in a bad mood but I think I explained I had some medical problems with my dog the day before and it really ****ed me up. Thanks for coming to the gig though- I hope you had a good time.

    Hey everyone- just a note to let you know I am playing in L.A. with ex-Rainbow/Alcatrazz/Impellitteri frontman Graham Bonnet. The show this past February was a packed house and from the good reviews we got we are expecting this one to be even we are playing some songs Graham hasn't done in years. Check out the attached poster and please be advised Graham's new website address is Hope to see you at the show!

    Woooo Hoooo!!!!! I actually already knew about this but didn't want to say anything until it was official. There could be some surprises at this show (wink!)

    Thanks for the review! I had a really good time playing with Graham. He's a great guy with the fans, and took time to speak with everyone and sign EVERYTHING! I made a few mistakes playing wise that I'd like to have back but it was the 1st gig and we needed to work out the bugs. Hopefully we will book a few more gigs soon. Thanks for all the responses again, and thanks to everyone who was there for showing up.

    hey Pete -
    We will do a great mix of Graham's older material (yes- a bunch of Rainbow) and some of his recent solo stuff. As far as the guitar solos...I usually try to do the Yngwie stuff note for note , since he is my favorite. The Blackmore stuff I keep some of the signature licks but change things a bit to be more my style. My buddy Chris Impellitteri is coming down to I hope my nerves dont get the best of me!

    Hey Shirean-
    "THE POWER TO HARM" I believe is Joey Tafolla on guitar...but I know for certain its not me. "FALLING HOUSES" is me on guitar and bass and I wrote the music while Ken Tamplin wrote the lyrics. I'd be curious to know where exactly you heard the snippet of that one, as I cant find samples anywhere on the web!...Please let me know. Jeff Soto co-sings a song called "STORY OF LOVE" with Tamplin...a snippet of that can be heard at
    And which show are you talking about Friday night? The Shape 68 thing? If Im there know what I look like from the Graham Bonnet poster...I really am not sure what you look like, so you can come up and say hello to me. Most likely I will have a Wild Turkey and Coke in my hand! But I dont know if I will have passes for that show...hopefully my buddy Robin DiMaggio will hook me up. Cya!