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    Well, have to be aggressive. Being ultra laid back and watching life pass you by is not the way to go about it. Get out there and grab the gusto, Todd. Or at least grab a damn drink already....sheesh.

    Perhaps if you "pickled yourself" as you say, you'd loosen up a bit and not be so uptight about everything. Keeps the soul young, Todd, my man. Have a damn Caipiroska already....

    funny how I am a little less than a year older than him, but other people here on the board (and other places) think he ages ahead of me. He's like 34 going on 85. That poor wife of his...carting him around in that wheelchair...

    Dude is a term that can be used by us Southern California residents. I do realize it might be a bit confusing when us young whippersnappers use the word and I do apologize to all you bluehairs residing in Las Vegas. I am also in my 30's and not "pushing 40" as you so eloquently stated...alongside your red dancing dildo.

    Dude...what are you, like 40 years old and you reply to my post with a little yellow head sticking it's tongue out? Real mature, Seely!

    that is NOT me in this video.....its a guy name Iain Hersey. Graham guested this night on a couple of songs ...I was not there.

    Cool...glad you liked it! Be sure to check our (JSS BAND) upcoming summer tour dates as they unfold at -


    And please dont reply with - "Why aren't you coming to Poughkeepsie, Podunk, Norway, Baton Rouge, Ethiopia, or Florida?? Me and my older brother are dying to see you".

    It is what is and this is where the promoters are willing to book us. By the way, it looks as if soundman extraordinaire Peter DeWint will be mixing us this time...some of you might know him from past Glenn Hughes tours!

    The rhythms on that song were played by Jeff Soto with a crappy Strat copy into a POD. I played the solos only. Were you drunk when listening to this?


    I have the whole Lokerse show here and its not as good of a performance from the band as Sweden Rock and Mondo...and the audio recording is not as good....its only a 2 track master and is unable to be mixed. The best songs were picked and included on the DVD. We cant have 3 complete shows on the would turn into a 3 DVD set and would be priced too high for most fans.
    I have absolutely nothing to do with distribution and sales and cannot provide any information on that- sorry.

    Thanks for the cool comments renatom. I was very happy with the way the DVD came out and have had nothing but positive reactions with everyone Ive talked to. Arjen- you havent even seen this DVD yet so how can you make any comments yet? There are a couple of reasons the Sweden Rock show was edited in Black and White. 1st- The whole Mondo show (which is LONGER than Sweden Rock) is in color as well as all the older clips and the clips for the Lokerse show on disc 2 (the retrospective). Marcel (Jacob - bassist and leader) wanted the Sweden Rock concert to have a different feel from the rest of the material on the DVDs. Why have everything look exactly the same?

    2nd- The show was outdoors during the daytime with a partly cloudy sky. We had NO lighting on the stage which gave the color film a wahed out hazy look ...almost looks like an amateur camcorder filmed it. The B&W edit gives it a very "classic" look.

    Bottom line is - if you dont like it AFTER watching it, Im sure you could stick it up on Ebay and get your money back or even more than you actually paid. Hell- someone here on this message board would probably buy it off of you. But please dont make complaints about something you havent even seen yet.